BJP takes over Khan Market as Ram Madhav celebrates election victory in the left-liberal bastion

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one his recent interviews mentioned Delhi’s famous ‘Khan Market’ as a symbol of city’s left liberal intelligencia, the marketplace has suddenly become popular across the country even among them who have never been to Delhi.

On Thursday evening, after a historic victory, BJP perhaps decided to take over the place which till then was associated with those on the left of the political spectrum.

Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav took his friends and followers to Khan Market to celebrate the sweet victory. Madhav was quoted as saying that the party workers have chosen Khan Market to celebrate as till date there was an impression that the venue was a hang out spot for some other people.

Choosing a symbolic spot for celebrating the victory, Madhav said, “People thought that Khan Market is a place for a different set of people. Our workers chose this place for celebration because a new political ideology and culture is getting strengthened in the country.”

Speaking to the media from Khan Market, Madhav said the days of dynastic politics are over.

“Smriti Iraniji unfurled the BJP flag in the Congress fortress. Gone are the days of doing politics in the name of your father and grandfather,” he said while celebrating the BJP victory at Khan Market along with party workers.

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the biggest symbol of politics of accountability, Madhav said, “Politics of accountability and responsibility is the new norm and PM Modi is its biggest representative.”