BJP Twitter handle trolls Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi going abroad on vacation after election has been a trend similar to Rahul Gandhi losing elections. Weeks after Karnataka Election results are out and while the drama over government formation still continues, Rahul Gandhi this time took India by surprise.

He had decided to make his plans public and then leave the country. Though it seems to be a serious issue about Sonia Gandhi’s medical check up, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted slamming the BJP’s troll Army that he will be back soon.

Four days after JD(S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy took the oath as Chief Minister of Karnataka, there is no clarity yet on how long it will take to expand cabinet. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy on Sunday admitted that “there are some issues on portfolio allocation, particularly the Finance portfolio. However, all issues would be sorted out amicably.”

He also clarified that he had not heard from Rahul Gandhi on the talks for allocation of portfolios. He had spoken to Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi on the phone, he added. With Congress president Rahul Gandhi leaving for the U.S. on Sunday night with his mother Sonia Gandhi, the process of Cabinet formation is likely to be delayed by four to five days.

BJP’s official twitter handle seems to have taken few trolling tips from BJP Karnataka official twitter account. It took a gibe at Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, questioning the formation of Congress – JD(S) cabinet in Karnataka.

Earlier, Chief Minister of Karnataka said, “The people of the state rejected me and our party. I had sought an absolute majority. I have heard the statements of farm leaders too and how much they supported me,”

“Mine is not an independent government. I had requested the people to give me a mandate that prevents me from succumbing to any pressure other than you. But today I am at the mercy of the Congress. I am not under the pressure of the 6.5 crore people of the state,” Kumaraswamy said.

With Rahul Gandhi flying out of the country, one can certainly expect delays and it looks like there will be a long wait for people of Karanataka to get their government. Rahul Gandhi has faced extreme criticism in the past as well for staying away from the country at crucial times.