Tight Slap by Nupur Sharma to Left debator and Ambedkar’s Grandson on Arnab Show-Full Video

BJP’s Nupur Sharma tore across foolish arguments of Ambedkar’s Grandson and a Bengali Left Representative on Politicizing Rohith Vemula suicide issue.

She starts with Rohith condemning decision of Supreme court on Hanging of terrorist Yakub memon. This cannot be an ideological difference as quoted by Ambedkar’s Grandson but its siding with a terrorist. Ambedkar’s grandson does not have any answer but tries to voice and stop Nupur from Speaking. They have simply no answer why Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi did not visit Malda but are up to Dadri and Hyderabad for Vote Bank Politics.

Left debator picks up saying that BJP wants to repeat another Godhra to which, Nupur sharma tears his false argument saying if they care so much for dalit, we have an backward class PM as Narendra Modi, why the hell same hypocrites are ashamed of it now?

Here is the full Video to be Watched by all Nationalists.

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Here is the Youtube link for the same.



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