Bombay stock exchange slams comedian Kunal Kamra for using morphed picture of its building in Anti-Modi campaign

The Bombay stock exchange (BSE) on Friday night slammed comedian Kunal Kamra for using a morphed picture of its building in a politically motivated campaign.

A few days ago, while actively campaigning against Prime Minister Modi for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, Kamra shared a set of memes with the message “don’t vote for Modi”. One of those memes contained a ticker on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the aforementioned message.

The picture very obviously did not go down well with the BSE, who called said that it is extremely disappointed at the “unfortunate, unauthorised and illegal use of the BSE building for nefarious activities”. BSE added that it reserves the right to take legal action against Kamra.

Kunal Kamra however, instead of taking the objections raised by seriously, went on a joke cracking spree on twitter. This included samples like “Sensex of humour is down by many points “, “Do they have WiFi in jail” and that he metaphorically chocked and died by laughing.

It would be interesting to see whether the BSE ends up taking some action against Kamra. The reported comedian has in recent times gained popularity on social media, mainly for his anti-Modi rhetoric which he usually spins as ‘jokes’. The pinned tweet of Kamra continues to be his appeal to people to not vote for Modi during the Lok Sabha polls.