Here are those who bowed their arrow against Hindu Sentiments in Tamil Nadu

Right from 1960’s, Dravidian party leaders and its followers posed a severe threat to Hindu sentiments. It is worrisome to note that same momentum is still taking a toll on Tamil Nadu. Yes, the year 2017 posed a serious of threat to Hinduism in the form of communism, Tamil separatism, Dravidian ideology, Jihadi forces, and finally Evangelism. In last one month, one after one, members from this background have unlocked their hate speeches which were hardly discussed in the mainstream media.

Tirumavalavan, a Dalit leader who says he works for the upliftment of the oppressed community, has mortgaged his party to Jihadi forces. Almost half of his party functionaries are radicalized Muslims. In a public meeting convened by Dalit-Muslim backdrop, he said Kanchipuram Kamakshi Amman temple and Srirangam Ranganathar temple were built after destroying Buddha Vihar. The stage where he spoke was shared with Jawahirulla, a convicted criminal in hawala case who is also closely related to Coimbatore bomb blast incident which occurred in 1998. He was an active member of Al-Umma, a banned organization which was the mastermind behind the Coimbatore bomb blast.

This statement from Tirumavalavan had absolutely no factual backing, but why is he making these statements? What is the necessity for him to speak like this? Is he ready to say that Santhome Church was built after destroying Kapaleeswarar Temple, which is an established historical fact?

A few days back the goons of his party went to Kanchipuram Railway station and vandalized oil paintings of Adi Shankara, Ramanujacharya, and Kamakshi Amman. A Facebook post of the miscreant who involved in this malicious activity was roughly translated into English states that

“We will get the symbols of Hinduism removed from all public faces. Gradually we will remove the religion from the country” 

Activists reportedly belonging to Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam and Viduthalai Siruthaigal Katchi, which was headed by Tirumavalavan, threatened EO of Tiruvannamalai Arunachaleshwarar temple that the temple will be bombed. Even though a formal complaint is registered by the EO with police still, FIR has not been filed against the accused.

Vairamuthu is a noted lyricist from Tamil Nadu. He recently made a speech in a seminar “Tamizhai Andal” organized by Tamil Daily Dinamani in Rajapalayam, which is located a few kilometers away from Srivilliputhur; the birthplace of one of the foremost Azhwar Andal. Vairamuthu quoted a text from a book called ‘Indian Movements: Some Aspects of Dissent Protest and Reform’ by Subhash Chandra Malik.

Based on the information given in this book, he interprets Andal’s love towards Lord Vishnu as an embodiment of lust. He questioned her freedom, how can Andal sing or praise of the Lord with that lust. His views are clear enough to show his male chauvinistic character. Vairamuthu went ahead to question the liberty of women in those days.

The Tamil Month Margazhi is said to the month of “Paavai Nonbu” which was initiated by Andal Nachiyar. During the month of Margazhi, people in Tamil Nadu recite Tirupaavai which was penned by Andal. People believe that she attained the holy feet of Lord Ranganathar by total surrender. Devotees believe that she was the reincarnation of Mahalakshmi, but he claims that she belongs to no caste because she was abandoned by her parents and she was taken care by her stepfather Periyazhwar, who is supposed to be a Bhramin. Out of 12 Azhwars, Andal is the foremost and only lady, in fact other Azhwars have sung and praised her valour as well.

Hinduism is known to be the most liberal religion in the world that praises women and uplifted their status to divinity. 4000 Divya Prabandham, a treasure of Vaishnavism written in Tamil, is supposedly to have received the most number of commentaries in the world. Out of the 4000 connotations, Tirupavai is said to have received the most number of commentaries. Right from Azhwars to Ramanujar, Desikan to the latest Pravachana Kartas many Gurus of Vaishnavism had written about Andal in the Tamil language.

The question here is what made Vairamuthu to speak about Andal like this? Doesn’t he know that it hurts the sentiment of people and his statements have no backing? Is he working for vested interests? Being a clan from Dravidian Ideology people like Vairamuthu will link all Hindu religious text to lust.

Kanimozhi, Rajya Sabha MP and daughter of DMK Leader Karunanidhi, in her recent speech in World Atheist Conference, claimed Lord Balaji is powerless to protect his own Hundi and raised a question how come he will protect his devotees? Even though Balaji Temple is situated in Tirumala, people across Tamil Nadu prays him with utmost devotion got hurt by her statement.

It is no surprise to see such continuous attack against Hindus and Hinduism in Tamil Nadu, it has become an essential political/pseudo intellectual tool.