Who are these Brahmins? Are they really that bad as the Dravidian parties say?

Too many questions. Everyone seems to have an opinion these days. While it is good to have one, most of it is built on illegitimate sources. For want of good information backed by facts, Let us break down each of these questions and try to best answer them with the evidence we have.

Who are these Brahmins?

To answer this question one must go back to the pre-Vedic era. It is said in Vishupurana that the universe (including the earth) was the Srishti (creation) of Lord Sriman Narayana. There are many similarities to the big bang (though one cannot be sure, which is why the word ’similarity’! The verses were pretty difficult to decode!) as well. He created Brahma, the father of creation. Brahma, in turn, created Shiva. The process of creation itself is so beautifully narrated in this wonderful text. The below is the translated version of the same by Horace Hayman Wilson.

”There was neither day nor night, nor sky nor earth, nor darkness nor light, nor any other thing, save only One, unapprehensible by intellect, or That which is Brahma and Pumán (spirit) and Pradhána (matter)”

“The two forms which are other than the essence of unmodified Vishńu, are Pradhána (matter) and Purusha (spirit); and his other form, by which those two are connected or separated, is called Kála (time)”

“When discrete substance is aggregated in crude nature, as in a foregone dissolution, that dissolution is termed elemental (Prákrita). The deity as Time is without beginning, and his end is not known; and from him the revolutions of creation, continuance, and dissolution unintermittingly succeed: for when, in the latter season, the equilibrium of the qualities (Pradhána) exists, and spirit (Pumán) is detached from matter, then the form of Vishńu which is Time abides”

“Then the supreme Brahma, the supreme soul, the substance of the world, the lord of all creatures, the universal soul, the supreme ruler, Hari, of his own will having entered into matter and spirit, agitated the mutable and immutable principles, the season of creation being arrived, in the same manner as fragrance affects the mind from its proximity merely, and not from any immediate operation upon mind itself: so the Supreme influenced the elements of creation”

“Purushottama is both the agitator and the thing to be agitated; being present in the essence of matter, both when it is contracted and expanded 20. Vishńu, supreme over the supreme, is of the nature of discrete forms in the atomic productions, Brahmá and the rest (gods, men, &c.)”

Source: The Vishnu Purana, translated by Horace Hayman Wilson

After the human forms were created on this earth by the father of creation- Brahma, the Vedas came into existence. Vedas are nothing but texts which explained the Absolute conscious aka ”Parabrahmam”. They are scientific in nature as the ”Parabrahmam” or Absolute conscious itself is scientific.

The mankind grew by virtue of procreation. This science of absolute consciousness had to be shared with the people. We know that textbooks can be plagiarized, misquoted and misinterpreted. They predicted it then and thus became the practice of protecting Vedas- ”Brahmana”. This lineage is the today’s Brahmin.

One should be awed at the survival instinct of the tribe itself. It has managed to retain its principles, practices throughout millions of centuries. The Vedas remain sound unchanged, in its purest form. Since they would not be written down (to prevent the risk of it being plagiarized and misquoted) they came down orally. We can say that this tribe has survived many ordeals, seen many oppressors much worse than the today’s Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu (EVR and his ilk).

These are who Brahmins are.

So, what? It they are an old tribe. But they are not indigenous to Bharat or Dravida. They came from Nordic-Slovanic Regions,right?

If anyone makes this argument, one must be awed at the ignorance of that person. This ignorance is the result of the ”Aryan Invasion Theory” invented by the Britishers and propagated in the textbooks around the globe and particularly vehemently in Bharat by the political parties which form the government. We must feel sad for such a person and pray the almighty that he bestows him with an intelligence of at least a rat for him to think.

Brahmins are native to Bharatavarsha. Bharatavarsha was the original land mass which encompassed today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, the lost Dravida nation under the sea, Srilanka up till Indonesia. The ”Apasthamba Sutra” states that it was written in the region which is to the south of Narmadha. This book is as old as any Vedic text.

One must understand the famous Triano Boccalini’s theory – ”Divide et Impera” aka ”Divide and Rule”. Oppressors from abroad- The British brought this principle along with them. This was a tool for them to rule Bharat even after the Independence.

So what? They lived as first-class citizens, next to the kings and nobles. They ruled over people- Oppressed them. They deserve to perish, right?

First if all, they are people like any other. If the citizens of Bharatavarsha need people to curse, they should curse the Persian, Mongol and British oppressors. They were the ones who looted from this land and filled their coffees. Forceful conversions started with the Persians and it continues even today. Just like votes for money, the Britishers converted people for money and their goodwill. Even this continues today.

To add, Brahmins were not first-class citizens. They were like the candles, they burned themselves for the purpose of giving light to everyone.

If anything, they were the third class citizens. Even if one has money, a Brahmin had to get food as alms from the rest of the other people. They had to depend on the other varnas to live, for their livelihood. (The ”Bhavathi Bheekshan Dehi” ritual in the Yagnopaveeth Dharan function for a boy says that he should eat only that food he gets as alms for the rest of his life!)

So, they were not the oppressors but the oppressed.

A Brahmin would get respect only by virtue of his education and knowledge. True that a Brahmin would be in the court of a king to guide him discharge his duties to his citizens, to guide him and the others. But, all this is only for a learned Brahmin. Just because one is a born Brahmin, he would not be treated with the same respect.

So, they were the oppressed from time immemorial! And, no one deserves to perish. Everyone deserves to live as pee their Karma!

Are they really that bad as the Dravidian parties say?

Now that we know who the Brahmins are, can’t a person with reasonable intelligence answer this question? Nevertheless, we shall answer this too.

The Brahmin population in Tamil Nadu was 3% in 2000. It has reduced to 2.75% (2015) in the last 15 years. Thanks to the phoney politics and other measures ensured by the Dravidian parties. Dravidian politics is so absurd that they accept ”Ravana” as one among them but not the Brahmins!

The fact about Ravana is that he is the son of Vishrava, the grandson of Brahma himself. Ravana was a Brahmin. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He was well versed in the art of playing the Veena. He composed the Shiva Tandava stotra! Just because the Sanatana Dharmics revere Lord Ram the Dravidian politics took the antagonist!

Summing up, Brahmins are one of the oldest tribes to occupy this earth and still survive today! We must put an end go Dravidian politics!