Brain Storming Session on ‘Idea of India’, Youth in Full Numbers Even on Sunday

It was Sunday 7th August 2016, it was also auspicious occasion of Nag Panchami for Bharat and Friendship Day for India. Idea of India session was scheduled at Chitanavis Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur from 4 PM to 8 PM.

Considering that the program was for youth and the day was friendship day, I was amazed to see many young Minds of Nagpur and adjoining cities come up to attend this with full enthusiasm. There were many from near by cities of Raipur, Some from MP and Pune as well.

The event started with lamp lighting and felicitation of Chief Guests, who were to give short speaches on 3 discussion topics, the young minds were geared up to participate in.Below were the three topics for group discussion.

  1.  Freedom of Expression – How Free can free speech be?
  2. India culture – flowing river or a stagnant pond?
  3. Bharatiya Arth Sutras – A global perspective or Impractical approach?

idea of indiaThe 1st speech was given by Economist from Nagpur Kapil Chandrayan, who gave a speech about ancient indian economy(Arth Shastra) and compared it with Modern economy. He clearly explained that Indian economy was about “Shubh Labh” and not just “Labh” (Bottom Line or Profit). Where Shubh Labh makes indian economy more of individual and his happiness focused and not necessary bottom line focused followed by first world countries. It is much older than economic theories proposed by the world leaders.

This was followed by a Guest lecture in marathi and english language by Mrs Aditi Hardikar, who was a social activist and alumni of JJ college of Fine Arts. She focused on democracy and value of free speech with respect to constitution on what restrictions. She touched upon all the latest free speech issues be it JNU, Be it Kalburgi, Comrade Panse and Dhabolkar and left it to people to conclude in group discussion.

Last guest lecture was done by local noted columnist Mr Ashutosh Adoni. He touched upon Indian Culture. He talked on why, people from other countries come to India to research upon its culture. Its the only country, which has witnessed 1000’s of years of foreign rule, be it british or Mughal but they could not break the culture, which is the backbone of India. He concluded that Indian culture is scientific in nature and would be relevant for many centuries.

Then the young minds left for group Discussions on three topics mentioned above and had 1 hour of enlightening and brain storming discussion. The discussion was constructive, opinions of everyone was heard and Organizers did a wonderful job in moderating the same. I personally attended the Indian Economy group discussion and points discussed by young college going minds were indeed insightful.

The conclusion of group Discussions were also done and amazing points were touched upon. An example was given about how can India achieve income distribution and defeat unequal income distribution is by including all sections of society equally in all ceremonies. Like in US or Europe, a Sweeper could be member of costly and cozy clubs but this is not a reality in India. Financial Inclusion comes with Social Inclusion.

The event was concluded by CA Rajesh Loya who stressed the importance of Indian culture and heritage. He requested the young minds not to get indulged in blame game and instead they should give a thought on discussion and deep study of issues prevalent to the society. He asked participants to use social media very vigilantly and seriously. He added that difference of opinion is normal but youth must give importance to values and ethics while pursuing their careers. He also stressed on reading and knowing the things first before expressing opinion. He also said not to limit this knowledge just to the conference room but enlighten friends, family and everyone you know.

The event concluded with a National Anthem and was cherished by everyone.

Note: An Admin of team Satyavijayi personally attended the event and gathered the minutes to write this beautiful and eventful conclusion.

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