Bravo: A Maulana From UP Literally Rips Apart AAP and Congress Opposing PM Modi’s Demonetisation Move

When most of the common people are happy with the surgical strike on Black Money, the demonetisation decision taken by PM Modi. Opposition Congress and specially AAP, whose leader Kejriwal self proclaims himself as most honest person on planet earth are unhappy.

Probably, these political parties including self proclaimed honest AAP had tonnes of black money to spend on upcoming elections but PM Modi’s overnight surgical strike on Black Money has taken away their sleep and hence they are opposing it tooth and nail.

A Maulana from UP in debate organized in Rohit Sardana’s Taal Thok ke took on these leaders, who are opposing demonetisation and openly said, Why are they reduced to opposing something, which is a strong step against black money. He said, these leaders inform media and do drama in front of bank or ATM machine. He also said that we are waiting from last 70 years and got nothing, We need to wait for 50 days as requested by PM Modi in latest Goa Speech.

To the question raised by opposition party that the move was to stop black money funding in UP elections, Maulana said, probably hence they are opposing the move because black money collected for elections are now useless.

Here is the full Video

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