BRAVO.! Must Watch How Indian Origin Old Lady Fights Back Robbers Will Amaze You.!

LONDON: A 56-year-old Indian-origin woman used a steel chair to fight off thieves who tried to rob her shop in northwest England.

Hamalata Patel was attacked by two robbers with faces hidden behind balaclavas while working at her K and L Newsagent store in Winsford, Cheshire.

“The shop was empty when two lads walked in holding the machetes. They were shouting at me and I just told them ‘if you need it then take it’ but one of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop so I just lost the plot,” Ms. Patel said.

“We have a chair that we leave out for some of our older customers so I picked it up and chased them out of the shop while I shouted at them, ‘okay, if you ask for it then you are going to get it and I’m coming for you’,” she said.

Her husband, 63-year-old Dhirubhai and granddaughters – four-year-old Zuri, and two-year-old Emi – were also in the back of the shop at the time.