FM Arun Jaitley teaches a lesson of lifetime to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Unfortunately, the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is known for his abusive language with shoot and scoot attitude. He has abused many personalities in past without any conclusive evidence and hence, as many as 33 defamation cases are on him. He wants the cost of lawyers in defamation cases to be borne by common people and was heavily criticized in social media for the same.

He has also abused our Prime Minister in Social media by calling him a “Coward and Psychopath”.

Look how Arvind Kejriwal is plundering Delhi’s public money .. He now demands ₹3.86 cr of public money to fight a ‘personal legal’ battle.

He also had fights on the non payment of fees with his lawyer Ram Jethmalani, who ripped the Delhi CM apart in public.

Jethmalani quits as Kejriwal’s counsel, seeks Rs 2 crore fee

As he now feels that he cannot fight these battles in court, Delhi CM has started apologizing to all his political opponents, whose character was assassinated by him on Media. He has apologized to Punjab Leader and former minister Majithia and later to Nitin Gadkari and Kapil Sibal.

Arvind Kejriwal tenders written Apology to Majithia

His apology was not appreciated by his own party leaders like Bhagwant Mann and Kumar Vishwas.

Kumar Vishwas launches scatching attack on Arvind Kejriwal regarding Majithia apology

He is now trying the same trick with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, to apologize and get rid of 10 crores defamation case. But this time, FM Jaitley seems to have rejected it out rightly and decided to continue the defamation case, and punish serial offenders like Kejriwal so that he learns a lesson for lifetime. Here is the confirmation.

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