BREAKING !! Hacker Speaks To Journo On Call; Reveals Reason Behind Hacking Rahul’s And Journo’s Accounts

Legion the most talked about hackers group after they hacked Twitter accounts and email dump of high profile personalities in India like Rahul Gandhi, Vijay Mallya, NDTV Reporter Barka Dutt and so on spoke with a online media house. In a exclusive interview with the reporter, a key member of the hackers group Legion made some shocking revelations.

The hacker identified himself as a key member of the most talked about hackers group, though the hacker denied to reveal his identity and the location of operation Satyavijayi in a article posted yesterday had mentioned these hackers operate from across the globe.

In the interview legion member praised the Narendra Modi run BJP government and he went on to appreciate all the good work the government is doing and expressed ther dissatisfaction about how opposition party like congress had ruined the nation for last 70 years and how they are now causing hurdle to government in the parliament. Legion praised Narendra Modi for all his hardwork

He said the hackers would continue to hack accounts of those causing national security issues in the country. In a shocking exposure the hackers said they have a huge dump of personal confidential data of politicians and journalists and in the due course of time they would expose them all in public platforms

The key member of legion also said all those involved in anti national activities to watch out as legion can strike them anytime and expose everything.

Legion made it clear that they have no affiliation with any political parties or politicians however any party not doing right things for the nation won’t be spared. It’s definitely a warning for the power hungry and anti nationals.