A Brilliant Article Giving Beffiting Reply to All Those Who Keep Asking Narendra Modi’s Caste

If reports are to be believed, the RSS only has people belonging to one of the High Castes as its members / administrative heads. So obviously when Narendra Modi was selected as the PM candidate, most of the people in Bharat believed that Modi ji too was a Brahmin or a Kshatriya. In fact, till today many people think that he belongs to one of those ‘upper’ castes itself. After all he was part of the Sangh! So which caste does Narendra Modi actually belong to? The answer to this question can be guessed by looking at his personality and work. How? Let me elaborate …

A Brahmin is one who stands at the top of the hierarchy. He is a Shrotiya (knowing all the Vedas / scriptures / Sanskrit Shlokas at least) and is well endowed with intelligence. He has the blessings of God and Seers and is fond of worshiping and venerating both of them. He is also the one who teaches others.

Modi ji is well known for using Sanskrit Shlokas in his speeches many a times. When he went for the opening of Adi Yogi in Coimbatore, he used Sanskrit verses copiously & even explained the meaning of these verses. He was present for the opening and closing of the Kedarnath temple this year. Don’t forget the ancient city of Kashi (Varanasi) is the constituency he represents. By pushing for the revolutionary “Skill India”, he has been the catalyst for knowledge gathering by and distribution to youngsters especially. He has to be a Brahmin.

A Kshatriya is one who is involved in ruling and/or protecting the country. It is on his shoulders that the well-being of the citizens rest. He has to be brave and be brash when required, and diplomatic too with respect to relations with other countries. The administration of the country falls into shambles, if the Kshatriya doesn’t do his duty well. He is also the protector of women & the dispenser of justice.

One look at PM Modi ji with the soldiers on our borders, every Diwali, and you know that he’s one of them. The decision to go in for the surgical strike could only have been made by a Kshatriya. The way he diplomatically reprimanded our erstwhile VP & the way he forced China to blink first on the Dokhlam situation – pure Kshatriya. Stoking the debate on the Triple Talaaq & taking decisions against Separatists and those who are trying to sell off our country, only go to show what a Patriot he is. He is a Kshatriya.
A Vaishya is the entrepreneur and trader. He is the money gatherer, spender & saver – all in one. The bulk of the taxes are traditionally collected from the Vaishya. He is the one who takes risks by venturing into new territories and is willing to face huge losses or collect massive gains, bravely. He is also vested with a calculative mind and a vision for the future.

Who else but a Vaishya could have taken the extreme step on Demonetization and GST reforms? Repaying costly loans, getting our Nation cost saving deals from foreign countries, visionary proposals like introduction of the bullet train – all these point to a calculative, business mind which believes in the broad vision, not a temporary or short term profit/loss. Definitely a Vaishya.

A Shudra is one who works towards making the life of everyone easier, more comfortable. He could be a farmer, an assistant, a helper or a labourer. Without his services life would definitely be more difficult. He is also the one who mostly lives in the present.

The impetus towards better roads, better transportation and communication, lighting up the entire country, schemes for the lowest strata of population, schemes for farmers, all have helped make our lives more comfortable. Most of these schemes take care of the present first. Better services in the Government controlled industries, agencies and service providers, less corruption – all have made us expect better services from all sectors. Definitely there has been a sea change in attitudes, professionalism & expectations from our service providers. No doubt about it – PM Modi ji is a Shudra only.

The outcastes (or Dalits as they are known as now) were those who provided the services which others were uncomfortable doing – sanitation and cremation. Theirs was the service that no one spoke about because one felt ashamed talking about it, but without that service, life would be impossible.

Narendra Modi was the first PM to openly talk about Sanitation and open defecation. He is the first PM of our country to work towards Swachh Bharat and exhort people from all walks of life to take up cleanliness of the country as a duty. Now tell me – isn’t Modi ji a Dalit? How else could he have spoken up against open defecation so boldly and bring about a change in attitudes, especially in the villages?

Readers are requested to view the above passage very seriously and learn from the above how to personallybe part of every Varna & holistically perform their duty towards their own families and towards society in general. By teaching the ignorant (it could be a language, a skill, a game, anything), one becomes a Brahmin. By protecting the rights of, reporting against crime & defending oneself and others, one fulfils the duties of a Kshatriya. By becoming entrepreneurs, investing in stocks of companies, helping others earn money, paying taxes honestly, one walks in the shoes of the Vaishya. By becoming a service provider, working towards making lives more comfortable in any manner, we showcase our Shudra personality. When we keep our surroundings clean, work towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we are raising the status of the Dalit in our own hearts. Let us all work towards ending differences in our minds … let us break down caste barriers & work towards absorbing the true message in the Gita in our lives – Do your Karma, follow your Dharma with devotion, without any expectations.

I admire our PM Narendra Modi for putting in his best for our Nation. He is a true Role Model for every Bharatiya. Jai Hind !!!