A Brilliant Article by a Nationalist to Virat Kohli On His Video Advising Not to Burst Crackers !!

Dear Kohli,

We Indians, respect cricketers a lot. But that doesn’t make you eligible to ‘Pelo Gyaan’ on how we should celebrate our festivals. But since you had done this video (by The Quint), my 0.2 cents Gyaan for you: STOP PLAYING CRICKET. Will you? Because it consumes Million litres of water every year to maintain the bloody pitches you play on and make a fortune from.

Last year, BCCI informed Bombay High Court that 60 lakh litres water is needed for the three pitches at Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur for the IPL matches. BCCI also confirmed that 40 lakh litres water is needed to maintain the pitch of Wankhede Stadium. 40 lakh litres? 60 lakh litres? Does this sound cool to your ears?

Is it worthy to play cricket, a game which consumes the precious water when thousands of farmers commit suicide every year because of crop failure, due to want of rain / irrigation. While major population of our country struggles to get reasonable amount of drinking water, you’re a part of Gang who wastes millions of litres of water annually to maintain pitch.

Dear Kohli, please Google ‘water shortage in Delhi’ and you will get the reality of your very own birth place. You will know how people of East & West Delhi colonies struggles and fight with their neighbours whenever tankers arrive to supply water.
So, please STOP being a part of community who wastes Million litres of water every year. I will STOP bursting crackers the day you will Stop playing cricket because it wastes the precious water.

I will STOP busting crackers the day intellectuals like you will stop giving Gyaan from their Air Conditioned rooms which is the worldwide major culprit of climate change. I will STOP bursting crackers the day the companies you & your peers endorse, will Stop polluting rivers with their industrial waste. Water is equally precious to sustain Green & healthy life on our planet.

Here’s the video uploaded by Virat:

And yes, till then, I will burst crackers. This Diwali I will burst an Extra cracker in your name.

By Raje Shivraje Thakkar