This Brilliant Quora Answer by an Indian Muslim Is A SLAP on All Those who Think Muslims Should Fear Rise of Hindu Nationalism and PM MODI

This answer was published in quora as an answer to one of the question posted Should Indian Muslims be seriously worried about the rise of a ‘Hindu nationalist’ like Narendra Modi? by Mehaboob Khan, who works as an IT consultant in TCS.

1. India is the safest place for not just Muslims but any other religion. Safer than any of the Muslim country in the world.

2. A large number of Indian Muslims voted for Mr. Narendra Modi. He is one of the finest Prime Ministers India has ever had.

3. The biggest threat to Muslims all over the world are the “Muslim Extremists” themselves.

4. Indian Muslims don’t need any help from the “so called” protectors of Islam like ISIS, Al-Qaida, etc. We are much more safer than anywhere else. In case we need any help, let me tell you, India has world’s second largest population of Muslims and as well as second largest population in the world. Even today if we need any help we can ask our own brothers for help, that is 1.25 billion brothers. Any Indian regardless of him/her being Muslim or a Hindu will be ready to help any other Indian. So others please stop interfering in our personal matters.

Mehaboob Khan