In British records, Rahul Gandhi’s nationality has different versions

The Congress in the past had rejected BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s charge that Rahul Gandhi had declared himself a British national, saying the party vice-president has held an Indian passport since birth. “From the day he was born, Rahul Gandhi has held Indian citizenship and Indian passport and has never held citizenship of any other country,” Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said.

Swamy had alleged that Rahul had been director of a company named BACKOPS in Britain and he had declared himself a British citizen in the documents.

While the Congress released Certificate of Incorporation of the company issued in 2003 which mentions Rahul as an Indian national, Swamy produced a dissolution document filed by BACKOPS in 2009 where Rahul is mentioned as a British national. Two annual tax returns submitted by the company in 2005 and 2006 further mentioned Rahul as a British national. Earlier Congress had countered this discrepancy by describing it as a typographical error.

Scrutiny of papers shows that in 2002, Gandhi set up an engineering design outsourcing company called Backops in Mumbai. And a few months later, he opened a related company in the UK. This company, Backops Limited, was registered at the UK Companies House on September 21, 2003. Gandhi was to serve as company’s director and secretary with one other director Ulrik McKnight, a US national.

Now recently, Swamy has written to Home Ministry of India regarding British Company BACKOPS LTD. The company’s turnover was £65,380, showing a net profit of £6,034. In the year 2005, it had a turnover of £38,462 and a net profit of £8,066. In 2006, the company submitted abbreviated accounts because being a small company, it was allowed not to file detailed profit and loss statement.