Burqa clad Nusrat open fires on Delhi shop to threaten its owner

A woman named Nusrat has been nabbed by Delhi police for open firing on the closed shutter of a shop northeast Delhi’s Chauhan Bangar area last week in a bid to threaten its owner.

In videos going viral on the Internet, the burqa clad Nusrat could be seen hurling abuses before open firing on the shutter. In the process, she is also heard boasting about being the sister of gangster Nasir.

The jaffrabad police was alerted about the gun shots on 18th of November after which it launched a search for the woman.

According to the police sources, the woman had a quarrel with the shop’s owner after which she decided to intimidate him by firing on his shop. The dispute between the two ensued after the shop’s owner Fahim reportedly refused to return a mobile phone of a man called Shahrukh which he had kept as mortgage.

“She said they had an altercation as Fahim was not returning the mortgaged mobile phone of Shahrukh, a man known to her,” Deputy commissioner of police (northeast) Ved Prakash Surya said.