Busted!! See how US Confronted Nawaz with Evidence of Pak’s Involvement in Gurdaspur Attack

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This US Trip for the Pakistani Prime Minister has brought nothing more than international insult for his government and the country. Firstly he was unable to agree US for making pressure on India then F-16 and Nuclear deal were also denied. The biggest setback came when this happened soon after Nawaz’s Visit:

Shortly after the terror attack on Gurdaspur in July 2015, Pakistan had denied its involvement in the incident, saying that India’s claims that the man arrested during the attack were ‘totally baseless’. However, it now finds itself being confronted with evidence presented by the United States saying that the attack was carried out by groups from Pakistan, an Indian Express report states.

Busted! See how US Confronted Pakistan with Evidence of its Involvement in Gurdaspur attack

According to the Indian Express report, the evidence was based on GPS sets which were recovered from the attackers. The report quotes a Washington-based diplomat as saying that while Pakistan initially denied that the attack had anything to do with the country, the US said that the technical data was irrefutable, after which they claimed that it did not take place with any official complicity.

An Indian Express report in July had said that inspection of GPS data suggested that the terrorists had come from the Shakargarh area in Punjab in Pakistan. The report notes that such GPS sets have also earlier been used during the attack on Mumbai on 26 November, 2008.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, too, had referred to GPS data to state that there was ‘overwhelmingly conclusive’ evidence that the terrorists had infiltrated from Pakistan, according to a PTI report published by Deccan Herald.

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