Bypolls’ Result Turn out to be Better for the BJP Than what was being Portrayed


There is a lot of hue and cry about who has “won” the bypolls whose results were declared earlier today. Congress and AAP’s IT Cells were working overtime to create a negative narrative. Working hand in glove with them was the media. There was a lot of buzz in the social media saying that BJP would “lose” the elections as a result of demonetisation.

But when some actually said that the BJP “lost” by virtue of “winning” lesser seats; i.e. 5 out of 14 contested seats, we decided to bring you the facts.

4 Lok Sabha and 8 Vidhan Sabha seats went into elections on November 19. The mainstream media and the paid social media trolls of Congress and AAP had made the ground work. They were ready with a narrative, creating a web of tweets, articles and television broadcasts. So much was the enthusiasm that soome even had their BJP bashing articles ready. They were trying their best to prove how these bypolls were a “test” of demonetisation scheme.

However, the BJP turned the other cheek. Before the elections, BJP had held 3 of the 12 contested seats. They not only retained their seats, but also snatched 2 more!

When BJP secured a decisive victory earlier in the Assam assembly earlier this year; Lakhimpur MP, Sarbanand Sonowal vacated his seat to take over as the Chief Minister. Similarly, TMC MP Suvendu Adhikari vacated the Tamluk seat in West Bengal to join the state government as minister after winning the Nandigram assembly seat.

Cooch Behar seat was vacated because of the death of TMC MP Renuka Sinha. Similarly, Shahdol Assembly seat was vacated because of the death of BJP MP Dalpat Singh Paraste. All 4 seats were retained by their own respective party men.

BJP gained Vidhan Sabha Seats, did not lose Anywhere

One of the 26 Congress MLAs in Assam, Dr. Mansingh Rongpi, had quit joining BJP on July 14, rendering the Baithalangso seat empty. He won the elections, this time on a BJP ticket, by a much greater margin.

Former Arunachal CM, Kalikho Pul, had commiteted suicide in July. As a result, he Hayuliang (Anjaw) seat fell vacant. His widow, Dasanglu Pul won the bypolls. Similarly, BJP MLA Rajendra Syamal Dadu had died in a road accident earlier this year, thereby vacating the Nepanagar. His daughter Manju Rajendra Dadu has replaced him in the bypolls.

Media Disappointed = People Delighted!

Since the BJP’s performance had surpassed their expectations, most media houses seemed extremely disappointed; merely mentioning the results as if they were passing titbits. Some only mentioned it in their ticker, whereas some were not even reporting the results! The mainstream media planned to use it as an opportunity to portray “disgruntled” people. However, this turned out to be a vindication of PM Modi’s scheme instead!

Some “Bhakts” celebrated in their own way:

Some of them caught some sponsored social media websites pants down:

BJP MP Giriraj Singh did not let go of the opportunity to add insult to the injury for Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha:

MP Chief Minsiter, Shivraj Singh Chouhan & PM Modi thanked the people:


The final results were as follows:

Lok Sabha:

BJP: 2 seats (1 each from MP and Assam)

TMC: 2 seats from West Bengal

Vidhan Sabhas:

BJP: 3 seats (1 each from MP, Arunachal and Assam)

TMC: 1 seat from West Bengal

AIADMK: 3 seats (2 in Tamil Nadu + 1 in Pondicherry)

CPM: 2 seats from Tripura

INC: 1 seat from Arunachal Pradesh

The official results can be accessed here:

  1. Lok Sabha
  2. Vidhan Sabha