Cabinet Minister KJ Alphons says Muslim and Christian women who tried to enter Sabarimala, don’t even go to their own religious place

Union Cabinet Minister, KJ Alphons lambasted the Christian and Muslim women who forcefully tried to enter the Sabarimala shrine, despite strong opposition from the temple priests and devotees. A highly regarded former civil servant K J Alphons who is from Kerala was inducted into the Union Cabinet last year and entrusted with the independent charge of the Tourism Ministry.

Questioning the motives of the female activists, Alphons alleged that they did not want to visit Sabarimala out of their devotion to Lord Ayyappa, but only to gain some cheap publicity and hog the limelight. He said that the Muslim woman who doesn’t go to a mosque and the Christian woman who doesn’t go to a church, climbed up Sabarimala to prove a point.

“Who are the people trying to disrupt Sabarimala Temple? A Muslim lady, who doesn’t even go to a mosque, tries to climb Sabarimala to prove a point. What she wants to prove? There was another Christian girl, who doesn’t even go to church. She was going to Sabarimala just to be there before cameras,” Alphons was quoted by the report as saying.

He further went on to say that the female activists wanted their 10 seconds of television time but it is not acceptable as Keralites have special sentiments for Ayyappa.

Alphons also slammed Kerala CM, Pinarayi Vijayan for making statements against BJP President Amit Shah and body shaming him. The BJP President while addressing party workers in Kannur on Saturday (27 October), had criticised the Supreme Court verdict to allow entry of women of all ages inside Sabarimala shrine. He also advised the state governments and courts to give only such orders, which can be followed.

To counter this, the Kerala Chief Minister on Saturday (27 October) not only body shamed the BJP President but also claimed that Shah’s statement on Sabarimala temple was unlawful and against the constitution.

Vijayan also said that, “Amit Shah who threatened to topple our government should remember that this government came to power, not at the mercy of BJP, but the people’s mandate. His message is to sabotage the people’s mandate”.