CAIT raises concern about currency notes being possible carriers of Covid-19, seeks clarification from Health Ministry

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has sought a clarification from the Ministry of Health on the possibility of currency notes being carriers of Covid-19 virus. Citing findings of various institutions, the traders body has expressed concern about the people of the country who largely deal in cash.

The traders body said that it had sought clarification over the issue from the ministry on more than one occasion but did not receive any response. Taking a jibe at the Government’s silence on their repeated pleas for a clarification, the CAIT statement says, “the burden of work is so much on the Ministers of the Government and important government health organizations that even if a credible organization of national repute asks for logical clarification with the aim of helping the government to deal with COVID.”

“Neither Minister nor the Health Organization has any free time to respond to the important query and that too even after reminding them several times in past 6 months,” it adds.

Raising their concern about currency notes being possible carriers of the virus, CAIT says, “It is a matter of public domain that many studies and their reports on this alarming subject conducted in various parts of the Country and even in other Countries by credible organisations have proved that any kind of infection spreads rapidly through currency notes because currency has dry surface and life span of viruses and bacteria on currency notes is always for a longer period.

Adding that, “there is a possibility that asymptomatic person suffering with COVID might get infection through currency notes.”

Citing findings of several immanent institutions, the CAIT statements says, “King George Medical University, Lucknow, Journal of Current Micro Biology and Applied Science, International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, International Journal of Advance Research, etc. have also confirmed in their reports that currency notes are carriers of bacteria and viruses and if it is true that handling of cash needs to done very carefully and with all precautions.”

The CAIT has once again urged Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan to clarify whether currency notes carry viruses and bacteria or not.