Why is it called Hindu “mythology” when there is evidence of Ramayana and Mahabharata?

Best answer on why, Ramayana and Mahabharata are called Mythology when we have so many evidences that they were not myths. Answer in Quora by Ashish Kumar Choubey

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India is a country know for its grandeur, richness and spiritual greatness. This is the reason why many conquerers have tried to conquer India for centuries. The country which was once called “The Golden Bird”, was not easy to conquer for anyone. The British conquered India in two phases : Territorial Conquest and Educational Conquest(The effects of this are discernible)

Every Indian must know about the ideological forefather of English education, Lord Macaulay[1]

On July 3, 1835, Lord Macaulay suggested that the only statesmanship of the Britishers to establish permanent imperialist sovereignty over their richest colony, India, was to make the Indians “Englishmen by Taste.” This was to be accomplished through “English Education“, similar to bringing under control hundreds of elephants by taming a couple of wild elephants.

In 1854, Charles Woodraffe, the Director of the Education Department of the Government of India, in his minutes dated July 19, 1854, stated that it was the best opportunity to give effect to Lord Macaulay’s suggestion. British made Indian educated class detest everything Indian, made them look at it as nothing more than mean and illogical superstitions. By this time Christian missionaries started their conversion drives, converting people by several inducements.

As a part of their Educational Conquest over India, Britishers weaved a meticulous plot to subvert Hinduism and its spectacular culture. British Indologists, started spreading the notion that Vedas were written by semi-nomadic people and are full of superstitions.

The Britishers drilled a notion into our society that we were savages and it is the Britishers who made us civilized. Eventually terms like“Vedic Mythology” and “Hindu Mythology” were coined. As a result we Indians began to demean our own culture and holding in high esteem, everything foreign. Mythology comes from the word myth(false)Indologists portrayed Vedic literatures as mythology to promote Chrisitanity.

Although there are many evidences of the occurrence of Ramayan and Mahabharata some of which are :

Ramayana :

  1. Existence of Ram Setu.[2]
  2. Existence of places like Ayodhya, Panchvati, Rameswaram, Floating Stones etc.

Mahabharata :

1. Existence of Dwarka and ASI survey[3]

2. Existence of Vrindavan, Mathura and other cities.

The seed that Britishers had sown is still giving fruits and the effect is our very own Indians rejecting the authenticity of the Vedic literatures, shunning everything indigenous and embracing everything foreign.

Our Vedic culture has faced relentless onslaught from Islamic invaders and Britishers. Thus, the once global Vedic culture and India have been humiliated and made to appear small and despicable, while Hindus in general have been made to appear puny and insignificant by these forces. Thus, it is time for people to realize the immense contribution that the Vedic culture and the ancient Hindus have given to the world. It is time to understand the real history of India.


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