How can you compare a dictator Indira, who suppressed you, with a people’s PM Modi who faced your vicious propaganda?

Narendra Damodardas Modi crushed arrogance of pseudo secular media, and muted their power with his steely silence and determination, when the same media accepted that today, BJP is as powerful and dominant as Congress in 1970s after massive win of BJP in North East.

It was so called secular media that had launched vicious campaign to demonise Modi for 2002 riots in Gujrat, although Supreme Court found Modi innocent of knowledge about the riots. ‘Hate Modi Media’ never questioned ‘the trigger point’ of Gujarat riots, in which 60 innocent Hindus including women and children were burnt alive in Sabarmati Express.

Vicious Media houses ganged up to demand apology from Modi for his no role in 2002. Modi asked, “Why sorry?” Media trial to prove Narendra Modi guilty—after he became 16th prime minister of India—took an ugly turn, when media defamed their own country as “intolerant India”even on international stage.

Today, after their evil propaganda to malign ‘Modi’ failed miserably, media started calling Modi as powerful as late Indira Gandhi. Indeed, late Indira Gandhi was a powerful prime minister of India. She was called ‘Iron Lady’ as well.

But, dear media, had you exercised even 10% of ‘freedom of expression’ against Mrs. Gandhi, what you have been ferociously and savagely exercising to project Modi as a villain, your lips would have been sealed forever. Perhaps, your existence would have been danger. During Indira Gandhi era, media used to be censured, and artists were forced to follow the diktats, specially, from late Sanjay Gandhi.

When late legendary singer, Kishore Kumar, refused Sanjay Gandhi’s ‘order’ to sing at Indira Gandhi’s 20-point plan, Kishore Kumar’s songs were banned from being broadcast to All India Radio and Doordarshan from May 4, 1976 till the end of the Emergency.

A powerful film, Aandhi’ with Suchitra Sen playing protagonist was banned by Indira Gandhi during that period.

‘Kissa Kursi Ka’ a political satire, starring Shabana Aazmi and Utpal Dutt was also banned.

Indira Gandhi had demanded to see the radio and TV scripts of all news bulletins from then I&B minister, I.K. Gujral, because AIR and Doordarshan were not giving desired twist to the news. When I.K. Gujral said, “that cannot be done, news bulletins are made public only after broadcast.”he was thrown out.

Although, I.K.Gujral was summoned to meet Mrs. Gandhi, he was forced to meet Sanjay Gandhi, instead. Conversation between I.K.Gujral and Sanjay Gandhi that happened on June 20, 1975.

Sanjay Gandhi: “Dekhiye, aisa nahin chalega” (Look, this can’t go on).
Aisa nahin chalega? (This can’t go on?)

IK Gujral: look here, jab tak main hoon, aisa hee chalega (As long as I am here, this is how things will be). And you will learn how to be polite.

IK Gujral: And you will learn how to behave with the seniors. And I owe no responsibility to you. I’m your mother’s minister, not yours. And I walked out.

On June 26, 1975, VC Shukla replaced I.K. Gujral.

Dear Media, during Indira era, your wings were clipped, and common citizens lived in fear. During Modi era, common citizens are being empowered, and breaking India forces are panicking. How can you compare a dictator PM with people’s PM?