You Cannot Miss Hilarious Twitter reactions to Alpesh Thakor’s Imported Mashroom Black to White Jibe on PM Modi

Days after Congress veteran Mani Shankar Aiyar’s “neech” remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a furor, Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat ally Alpesh Thakor has said that PM Modi was a “dark” person, but has become “fair” because of eating imported mushrooms worth Rs 4,00,000 a day. Speaking at a rally in Gujarat, Thakor said that PM Modi easts five mushrooms, each worth Rs 80,000, every day.

Congress ally Alpesh Thakor Makes Shameful Statement on PM Modi

Here is the Video of what he said

Here is how, Twitter exploded with reactions, which could even make Alpesh laugh out loud on this blunder.

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