Captain Cool : Dhoni’s epic reply to a journalist asking him about his retirement-Video

We all know that Indian Journalists are mostly sold out and we often call them #Presstitutes. This word is completely justified for them and they have proved this word more than often, when they seen supporting our enemies and ditching own country.

This is not the first time, where MS Dhoni, our own Captain cool has taken a Journo one on one. Here is the one in the same series(India Vs Bangladesh Match) where Indian Presstitute was not happy probably because India won and was slammed by our own MSD.

Here, an Australian Journalist asks Dhoni his retirement plan. Dhoni calls him to the stage and asks him to sit beside him. Asks three questions to which, the journo answers as below.

  1. Do you think I am Unfit? No
  2. Do you think, I cannot Run? You can run very Fast
  3. DO you think, I Can play 2019 World Cup? Yes ofcourse

Then our captain cool says, you yourself answered all the questions!! He also taunts Indian Presstitutes saying, if it would have been Indian Media, would have asked question to make his/her son or daughter a Wicket Keeper and then talk big or shit.

That is the very thing, our Indian Presstitutes are good at. Personally, they are good for nothing, but they will try to pull down other person even on slightest mistakes.

Here is the Full Video-

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