Careless statement By Trinamool Congress MLA On Triple Talaq

Yesterday the Supreme Court of India passed a historic verdict, the court ordered for ban on the Islamic practice of Triple Talaq and requested the Central Government to come up with a legislation in six months. This was seen as one of the monumental verdicts from the Indian judiciary. As expected such a monumental verdict which affects the society will attract comments from the political class of the country.

The BJP which took up the cause of Muslim women recently has shown great satisfaction on the judgement, in fact the Prime Minister Modi went on to congratulate the Muslims women on Twitter. The Congress party also supported the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Among all the reactions from different political parties and leaders one reaction came out as nothing short of a shock to many. The Trinamool Congress MLA and the President of the West Bengal unit of the Jamat Ulema-E-Hind, Siddhqullah Chowdhury on Tuesday given a shocking statement. He said, “All these are actions of some open minded women and the BJP is encouraging them. Talaq will remain, who is Supreme Court to interfere in Quran and Sunnat?”

He further went on to say, “The Supreme Court and the Central government has no right to interfere in the Muslim Personal Law. The verdict given by the Supreme Court is unconstitutional and we will not abide by it. Our central committee will meet today in Delhi to decide our future course of action in this regard.”

This statement of the TMC MLA did not went well with those who were against the Triple Talaq. Now it remains to be seen what clarification TMC comes up with or whether at all they support his statement against the Supreme Court of India.