Caretaker of Hindu temple beaten to death by Anas Qureshi

In a shocking incident last month, caretaker of a local Hindu temple in Meerut named Kanti Prasad was beaten to death in a merciless assault. Police has apprehended one Anas Qureshi for the murder. According to reports, a fight broke out between the two after latter hurled some disrespectful remarks at the former and his saffron robe. The violence escalated and followed up to the village where both the aggressor and the victim lived. At the village, Qureshi finally killed Prasad by bludgeoning him.

As per reports, on 13th of June, Kanti Prasad who was the caretakers of a local Hindu temple and often preferred to dress in saffron robes was returning after paying bills when he crossed Anas Qureshi aka Janaleva. On seeing Prasad wearing saffron robes, Qureshi allegedly made disrespectful comments regarding his religion. And when Prasad protested to it, Qureshi started beating him up.

Prasad somehow managed to escape from the spot and returned back to his village. Upon reaching there, he went to Qureshi’s house to complain to his family about his actions. However while he was narrating the ordeal, Qureshi appeared from behind and bludgeoned him badly.

Hearing the cries, Prasad’s family rushed to Qureshi’s house and rescued him. Prasad was first taken to the police station to lodge a complaint but there his health started deteriorating drastically. Police arranged for an ambulance and rushed him to a hospital. Next day, Prasad succumbed to his injuries.