Central Government admits that it is not paying anything for Shramik special train fares

As per a report by the Print, Central Government on Thursday clarified that they are not making any contributions in the Shramik special train fares and that it is the states which are supposed to bear all costs on behalf of migrant labourers.

The statement comes on the backdrop of much confusion on who is bearing the costs for deportation of migrant labourers working to their home states.

In a statement made before the supremely Court on Thursday, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that fares for the shramik special trains must be paid by either the state from which the labourers are departing or one receiving them.

Earlier several statements made by Central Government, Railways and BJP leaders suggested that centre was going to bear 85% of the expenses for the labourers. Explaining those claims, a railway ministry official said that the 85% of the central government is not for ticket fares but rather for entire cost of running the trains, the rest 15% is to be paid by the state that comprises of fares.

The Supreme Court Thursday ordered the central government and states not to charge either train fare or bus fee from migrant workers keen to go back to their native towns.