Why are certain Indians guilty and apologetic of our culture?

Dear Guilty Indians,

By Law, the prosecutor is the one who has to prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused. But what is happening currently in Bharat is that the one who is not guilty is forced to feel guilty and has to prove that he is not guilty. Who is the ‘guilty’ one & who is the prosecutor here? The Hindu is the one accused of trampling on the rights of the Hindus themselves and also that of the minority & the Prosecutor is the ‘Justice’ system and those hiding behind this system.

Let me now ask you some questions & then some more:

  • When firecrackers did not exist till the Chinese manufactured them, how was Diwali celebrated with noise & crackers? (Who cares whether Bharat knew about explosives, gunpowder, sulphur, etc. before the Chinese did?)
  • When we can see that the Dalits were exploited by the Upper Caste, how can you say that the Caste system did not exist in ancient Bharat? (Who cares that there was no word ‘Dalit’ ever used / caste & Varna system were different from each other?)
  • When Manusmriti shows that women were expected to be cared for by men, how can you say that women were not treated as inferior to men? (Say what? Which religion other than Hinduism worships the Feminine Entity?)
  • Sanskrit was only spoken by the Upper Caste people who worked hard to prevent the others from learning it. Wasn’t education the preserve of only the Upper Caste? (What? Ramayan / Mahabharata were written in Farsi or Sanskrit? And Valmiki & Ved Vyasa were brought up by Brahmin mothers?)
  • India came into existence only because of the British. Till then we were separate regions, not one country. So in a way, we have to be thankful to the British for having United us? (Really? Then what did the word BharatVarsh mean?)
  • We do not have only ONE language from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. That is why English / Hindi has to be used as the language of communication throughout the country. (What about Sanskrit which is the same right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari & from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh? Is that not a language?)
  • Our Festivals are pollution causing festivals – be it air / water / earth or noise pollution. So shouldn’t we ban them or atleast stop observing them? (Right! And become one of those nations which is beset with Depression, lack of Family ties, etc.?)
  • God is One … so why are we praying to so many Gods and forgetting what Vedic religion taught us? (The reader can break his/her head answering this one.)
  • When so many Scholars, even Indian ones, have proved that Aryans came from Europe and destroyed our Dravidian civilization, how can we not accept the Aryan Invasion Theory? (Fools ask more questions that the wise man can answer.)

The above are just some of the questions that we Hindus are asked regularly. And as an answer to each and every one of the above, we Hindus have to PROVE that all the above questions are because of wrong information fed to us time and again, by those who want to keep us bereft of PRIDE in our culture, our tradition, our heritage and our rituals. The average Hindus is made to feel guilty about his ancestors, their rituals & traditions, and their supposed exploitation of the have-nots.

And the worst is that non-Hindus who are Bharatvarshis (having genes from Bharat), think that they are separate from Hindus, especially when it comes to proving the falsehood of the above questions.They are so embarrassed that they think that it is better for them to say that their genes are pure foreign genes & that if they are Muslims, they take refuge in the statements that they have come from Arabia / Iran / Iraq originally. The Christians prefer to say that they/ their forefathers have abandoned Hinduism for Christianity, because the latter was the only True Religion.

The result is that the average Hindu today is a product of Confusion – between Shame and Pride, between being Guilty and being a Victim, between Cowing down and Being Aggressive. The everyday onslaught of the biased historians and even more biased media has made every Hindu wondering whether he should believe in what is being taught or shown on the media Or whether he should trust his instincts. But in the mad scramble for income, a job, family responsibility and more, he has decided to go ‘with the flow’. So if someone debates on Hindu pride, he agrees with that & if someone debates on how Hindus should be tolerant & more accommodating, he agrees with that. He is that proverbial egg that sat on the wall. He doesn’t even realize that his position right now is so fragile that either way, he would crack & break.

Who would gain from such a confusion? Before we go further, we need to understand that out of all the ancient civilizations which existed, only Sanatan Dharm still exists. All the others were either converted to Christianity or Islam, depending on who ruled over them. But Bharat is the only country, where despite 800 years of Islamic rule & 200 years of Christian rule, we still remained Hindus and stuck to our ancient beliefs. The Christians, via the British, felled the major blow by changing our thought process. When they changed the education system, they saw to it that young, malleable minds were moulded to become a generation of people who were ashamed of their own glorious past. Caste, language, women, external signs like the shikha, bindi, dhoti, all were used as tools for this shaming process.

Slowly we started hating our women (whom we worshiped), our caste (Varna system, which actually was one the best systems of labour), our languages (Sanskrit, enmity towards other regional languages), our external paraphernalia (bindis, shikhas and western dress sense don’t go together), our skin colour, our traditional clothes, weaves, and much, much more. In fact though now it is a proven fact that we were all Dravidas (Arya was the term used out of respect) & we originated in Bharatvarsha itself, people still want to believe that they came from Europe & that the North Indians are Aryans & that the South Indians are Dravidians. Christian missionaries have reached the Ethical Nadir so much that now we are being fed the Kristubhagvatam as an ancient epic & Evangelists wear saffron clothes (even if they have a family). The idea is – Keep the Hindus confused; they won’t even know when they have started to hate Hinduism.

The time has come for us to rise above such confusion. It is a case of either Hindus drown & thus assist in destroying their country or they start struggling to save their life, their culture, their religion and their country. We must learn from the Syrian debacle – the country which till just 3 years back was prosperous, is today in ruins. If we choose to drown silently, the time is not far when the capitalists & corrupt politicians behind the scene will divide our country into many pieces – each leading to exploitation and ruin, which will only benefit the crony capitalists & the power-hungry politicians.

Then neither BharatVarsha will remain nor Hinduism, neither Secularism will remain nor Tolerance, neither Tamil/Kannada/etc. will remain nor Hindi/Gujarati/etc., neither the knowledge & benediction of our ancient Rishis will benefit us nor the Modern education system, neither Religion will bring solace nor Money. It is time that all BharatVasis rediscover Bharat as their Soul with renewed pride in their ancestral roots. It is time that Hindus choose to defend their heritage with renewed vigour & wider vision. It is time to shun whataboutery completely and be wise enough as to only see oneself as a Bharatiya. It is time to accept Sanskrit as our National Language with Pride!!!

Quit providing proof of our good antecedents – Demand for proof from those who aim to dent our identity. Jai Hind !!!


A Proud & Nationalistic Indian

Rati Hegde