Chennai Defence Expo 2018 inaugurated by PM Modi received massive response

Defense Expo 2018, was inaugurated last week by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai, as a precursor to the Tamil Nadu defence corridor. Tamil Nadu defence corridor is a ‘Make In India’ project, where the industries having potential to manufacture defence parts are emboldened to manufacture the parts according to their potential. Many micro scale, small scale and medium scale defence industries in Tamil Nadu, which work distinctly, are clubbed in this defence corridor to achieve a momentous result. It is also expected that this project will create nearly one lakh jobs in the state of Tamil Nadu.

When the Prime Minister visited Chennai last week to inaugurate this exhibition, he was infamously welcomed by the fringe groups and opposition parties with black flags. A hash tag called “#GoBackModi” was trended by paid accounts against the visit of PM Modi. Several individuals on social media were spotted circulating a specific threat to the rest of India.

A two-liner saying “If India fails to understand the just demands of Tamil Nadu. NCERT would be forced to rewrite their history and Geography textbooks,” was copy-pasted by several twitter users.

When most of the people in Tamil Nadu thought that the there is no support for the Prime Minister in Tamil Nadu and defense expo would end as a failure, mammoth rush to the defense expo shocked and surprised everyone.

Huge rush for the expo:

The exhibition happened in Kovalam, which lies between Chennai and Mahabalipuram in the East Coast Road. During the same time, a navy show was conducted in Chennai harbour. The navy show was open to public from 13th to 15th of April 2018, starting on a Friday. People were taken to the harbour through buses and public were asked to assemble in Island grounds, Chennai. There was a huge rush in the first day of the show and crowds swelled to a much bigger presence in following weekend.

The main defence expo, which happened in East Coast road was open to public only on the 14th of April and astonishingly lakhs of people visited the expo on the very same day. The mad rush even resulted in huge traffic jams in ECR, people patiently waited in the traffic to visit the defence expo.

Silence of Tamil Media:

Tamil Media, which created maximum noise for Anti Modi trends in twitter and protests during his visit, were silenced for the response that this defence expo received. This event was covered vaguely by the Tamil media, showing a clear political leaning. Irrespective of the media coverage and social media trends, the awareness among common people towards such activities implies us that the ground reality in Tamil Nadu is much different from what is actually being projected.