Chennai Evangelist’s open call to convert Brahmins to Christianity, hijacks Carnatic Music too

In a shocking video that has surfaced on social media, Evangelist, Bro Agathiyan is seen openly making calls for converting Brahmins into Christian faith. The video was recorded during a praise and worship program at Chennai based SKM Church. However we have not been able to determine the exact date of the event.

He is seen saying that the true mission of the church would be accomplished only when all Brahmins are convert. India being a secular state, grants equal rights to people professing all religions. However such calls of converting a specific community, are nothing but blatant abuse of constitutional rights.

The Brahmin community is generally regarded as the leaders or flag bearers of Hindu society, who have still kept ancient traditions dating back millennials, alive. If success is achieved in converting the Brahmins, then the rest of the Hindu society would naturally crumble down.

The video was shared by BJP National Secretary and former chief of the party’s Tamil Nadu unit, H Raja. People on Twitter, reacted strongly against Agathiyan’s call of converting Brahmins. Many even demanded his arrest.

Evangelist, Bro Agathiyan is known for appropriating Indian classical music into Christian religious songs. Even in the video, he can be heard singing a carnatic song, in which Hindu epithets such as “Purushottama” is used in praise of Jesus. Despite being a devout Christian, Bro Agathiyan uses a Hindu name, dresses like religious Hindus, appropriates Indian music into Christian religious songs and addresses Jesus through Hindu epithets, all with intentions to lure gullible Hindus.

It remains to be seen if after making open calls of converting a specific community, any actions are taken against the evangelist or not.