Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh Inaugurates SatyaVijayi Magazine

Two years ago SatyaVijayi was launched as a news website focusing on India and Indian culture. Now the emerging media house is all set to step into a new era with the launch of SatyaVijayi Magazine. The first edition of SatyaVijayi Magazine was inaugurated by  Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr Raman Singh.

At the occasion of SatyaVijayi Magazine launch, Dr Raman Singh had expressed his pleasure to be a part of the event. He was extremely pleased with the content in the first edition of SatyaVijayi Magazine and highly praised it. Chhattisgarh CM congratulated editor-in-chief Arpan Srivastava for SatyaVijayi’s unparalleled success on the digital platform and shared his well wishes for the future of the young media house in the print arena.

SatyaVijayi Magazine will not only cater its audience with all current affairs but will also have a very special focus on Nationalism, Ancient India, Indian history, Ayurveda, Vedic knowledge and Hinduism. First edition of the magazine shall be made available for public purchase within the next couple of months.

Speaking about the launch of the magazine, Arpan Srivastava said, “Our news website has been hugely successful on the digital platform because of the people’s love and blessings. We thought this was the right time to take a step further and expand our reach beyond the Internet. SatyaVijayi Magazine is going to be a very special magazine and being inaugurated by a person like Dr Raman Singh has made it a little more special, our entire team thanks him for making out time for us despite his busy schedule”.

SatyaVijayi’s mantra of being unbiased towards any political party but being in the interest of the Nation will be kept intact as the primary focus of this magazine.

“At this special occasion, SatyaVijayi thanks every individual who has been a part of its journey and every single reader for their unconditional support,” Arpan Srivastava said. “We hope the Nationalist masses of this country who stood by us in both good and bad times will bestow their blessings on magazine also,” he further added.

SatyaVijayi Magazine shall be available for sale and subscriptions in the coming months.