Chief Electoral Officer Maharashtra Using Innovative Ways to Raise Awareness on Voter Registration Using Social Media

As India marches towards the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the entire nation is eager to commemorate the biggest celebration of the world’s largest democracy. There is a whole new generation, who will cast their first ever vote, come 2019. Like every year, the Election Commission in Maharashtra is leaving no stone un-turned to enrol the citizens above the age of 18, into our democratic system.

To raise awareness about the voter registration process, all units of the Election Commission have launched awareness campaigns in their respective areas. The Maharashtra electoral officer has launched an interactive social media campaign, targeting the youth and encouraging them to enlist into the world’s largest democratic system.

As part of the campaign, Maharashtra election commission is making interactive posts on various social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram & YouTube) to raise awareness about the online registration process using

This social media campaign from Maharashtra election commission has the ability to communicate with the young voters in a language which is very much acquainted with them. Their posts on social media platforms are themed on contemporary subjects such as sports, films, holidays and even reality shows.

“Do or do not. There is no try!”, this theme depicting Master Yoda from Star Wars is pretty captivating youngsters who are more than familiar with the movie series.

“We are going to give you an offer you just can’t refuse”, a theme depicting Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather.

The Maharashtra election commission has also made posts themed on popular reality show Big Boss and Bollywood. After-all Maharashtra is home to Bollywood and who can forget our Bollywood’s biggest star Salman Khan !!!

During the 2018 Football World Cup, which is one of the fastest growing sport among the country’s youth, Maharashtra election commission ensured that themes depicting football were used to raise awareness about becoming a voter in the state.

The election commission has also symbolized certain meaningful days like friendship day, during which they urged the youth to not only become a voter themselves, but also to encourage their friends to do their duty towards the Nation.

Not just innovative posters, the Maharashtra Election Commission is captivating people by creating inspirational content in Youtube. “I am fearless. I am alert. I am informed. I am the inheritor of a new millennium. I am a voter of India.”, such videos not only inspire the youth of this country but also create the much needed awareness.

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The unique ways in which the Maharashtra election commission is trying to reach out to the youth through social media, are being praised by various corners.