Chilli Grenades: Here’s How Army forced Pakistani Terrorist to Come out of his Cave

Pakistani terrorist caught image 1

After the capture of Naved less than a month back, India has successfully captured another Pakistani terrorist from Jammy and Kashmir yesterday on 27th August 2015. The captured terrorist is 22 year old Javed Ahmed, who hails from Muzzafargarh in Pakistani punjab. Sajjad and Abu Ubedullah are other aliases that Javed goes by according to the interrogators.Pakistani terrorist caught image 1

This is a big success for India. We can now use this terrorist to show how Pakistan is backing terrorism in Kashmir in order to weaken Indian state. However, the way in which we captured the terrorist is a great story in itself. This is what we will share with you today.

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a weapon known as ‘Chilli Grenades’ at its facility at Tezpur in North Assam. The smell of this weapon is so pungent that it would choke any person in its range unless they get away from the smell. Hence, it is a very effective weapon to force someone to come out from hiding, especially in caves and other such hiding places where there is only one exit. This is the first instance where the grenade has been used by the Indian army.

Bhut Jolokia, the hottest spice in the world, is used in making the Chilli Grenade and this is what makes the chilli grenade so effective at flushing out terrorists.