An Open Letter to Editors of The New Indian Express, Did Allah actually send China to take revenge on RSS and BJP?

Dear Editors of The New Indian Express,

Every popular Newspaper circulation will have a column dedicated to the readers of their publication. I understand that this reader’s column is ideally encouraged to collect feedback/opinions from the public for the articles that you publish, the feedback can be either positive or negative. Readers also tend point out to mistakes made by you, and many leading publications like you have published an apology to the mistakes as well, if any committed.

‘The New Indian Express’ aka ‘TNIE’ is a very popular circulating daily in many Indian cities, and I can personally vouch for its popularity in Chennai. My mornings are generally not complete, unless I go through the contents of The New Indian Express (Chennai Edition). I can see from you paper that letters and opinions are submitted to the editor using the email id ([email protected]).

On July 10th 2017 (Monday), an interesting opinion was printed by the reader ‘Maqdoomi’ who hails from Gulbarga, a city in North Karnataka. The opinion says, “The oppression against Muslims has crossed all limits. So Allah has sent China to take revenge on the BJP and RSS. The Centre should apologize to Palestinians for the PM’s Insrael visit if India is to be spared”

This particular opinion was brought to my notice through the facebook post of Anand Venkat, a member of RSS from Chennai. Anand had requested all his facebook friends to voice their concern against the publishing of this particular opinion, which actually looks more of a threat. Anand is also a good friend of mine, and I have visited several programs which has been arranged by him. I can personally assure the genuine concern he has for India’s progress, irrespective of his political inclinations.

The Resident Editor who published this opinion is one Mr. Indraneel Das and his contact number is present below. Several calls have been attempted to Indraneel Das by Anand and his friends, and many occasions the editor was not present at his desk to take up the call. Hence Anand and his team decided to document their protest by sending letters to the editor’s inbox, which again has been provided by you.

Ideally one can argue that this opinion column is an area to express an individual’s opinion, hence there should be no restriction in ‘Freedom of Expression’. But what one also should understand is that publications, especially leading ones like ‘The New Indian Express’, should publish opinions which are based on facts and not religious fundamentalism. Such hatred opinions are bound to incite readers who hail from different religious faiths, especially in multi faith-ed country like India.

As a frequent reader of ‘The New Indian Express’, I have some genuine questions with this particular opinion from Maqdoomi who hails from Gulbarga, Karnataka.

  1. Has The New Indian Express authenticated if “Allah has really sent China to take revenge on RSS and BJP”?
  2. If The New Indian Express has printed it, does it vouch for this information?
  3. Does China taking revenge on BJP translate to China taking revenge on India, since India is currently being rules by a BJP Government?
  4. Is The New Indian Express providing a space for a call of war like 1962?
  5. PM Narendra Modi visited Israel to sign some very important deals on Space Exploration, Technology usage in Agriculture, Water Conservation and Defense. As it is pointed out, does The New Indian Express think PM Modi should apologize to Palestine?
  6. If PM Modi doesn’t apologize to Palestine, God forbid, Will India be spared?
  7. Does The New Indian Express often publish such meaningless hatred opinions on its page or is this an one time goof up?

Today, On July 11th 2017 (Tuesday), I can see that you have published three opinions which was probably been sent by Anand and his friends. I am very happy that you have given a space for N R Sathyamurthy, Sharan and Govindrajan to publish their respective opposition to Maqdoomi’s opinion.

But what perplexes me is, what was the need to publish an overrated fundamentalist opinion, only to perform some damage control the very next day? If editors from “The New Indian Express had been even more careful, this awkward situation could have been avoided in the very first place. To conclude, I will continue to read you daily publication and register my views on the same.


Prakash R