Christian activist writes to Government to ban use of loudspeakers in historic Kadri Manjunatha temple in Mangalore

  • Blaney D’Souza writes to DC Mangalore to disallow use of loudspeakers in the temple
  • He says it causes sound pollution and even heart attack
  • DC of Mangalore writes back to CEO of Manjunatha Temple seeking a report on use of loudspeakers in the vicinity of the temple
  • Hindu activists say this is yet another way of wooing the minorities, urge government not interfere with religious sentiments of Hindus

After the National Green Tribunal (NGT’s) disallowed the ringing of bells keeping in Amarnath Cave, (it later withdrew it or amended the order after receiving backlash from Hindus) it is now the turn of certain ‘Intellectuals’ who have complained to the Deputy Commissioner of Mangaluru to restrain from using loud speakers in the famous Kadri Manjunatha Swamy temple in Mangalore.

Kadri Manjunatha Swamy temple is said to be built in the 10th century or 11th century. It is one of the oldest South Indian Temples. It is built in Vijayanagara style of architecture. The temple which is located in the coastal city of Mangaluru is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

A local by name Blaney D’Souza has now written to the D.C asking him to not to allow the use of loudspeakers in the vicinity of the temple as it contributes to sound pollution. The letter signed by more than 5 persons (mostly Christians) has asked the D.C to take action to prevent use of loudspeakers.

The D.C. has written back to the CEO of Kadri Manjunatha Temple asking him to submit a report on the use of loudspeakers in the temple.

Such Anti Hindu propaganda is not new to Mangalore in general and Dakshina Kannada in particular, considered as the ‘Laboratory of Hindutva’. A spate of murders of Hindu activists have been reported in Dakshina Kannada most of which have been conspired by anti national forces afraid of Hindu unity and polarization are using such methods to disunite and bring disrepute to Hindus worshiping in Kadri Manjunathaswamy Temple.

It is a foregone conclusion that the D.C. has acted under ‘political compulsion’ by writing back the CEO of the temple to submit a report on using the loudspeakers in the vicinity of the temple. This is a classic case of ‘pseudo-secularism’ too woo minorities while turning a ‘Nelson’s Eye’ on the burning issues in the coastal city.

The office of the DC who is also the District Magistrate receives thousands of petitions ranging from various issues from compensation till settlement of land disputes etc. The manner in which the DC has shown interest in this application which is neither critical or needs importance shows that he is crumbling under political pressure to act upon the letter.

Most of the signatories in the letter barring a couple of them are non-Hindus and their motives are clear: to create communal disharmony and act upon the order of their political masters. It is a well known fact that Churches also use loudspeakers during their sermons and other functions which might also cause discomfort for people living the vicinity.

The district administration should have considered this petition by a section of ‘pseudo-intellectuals’ as ‘frivolous’ and discarded the application. However, they have now asked the CEO of the temple to submit a detailed report by enclosing the complaint copy of the letter to the CEO.

The chief minister who displayed ‘religious tolerance’ and sensitivity by removing his footwear when an ‘Azaan’ was being heard during his speech should have the same tolerance towards other religions and should not pander to the whims of every religious identity by interfering in the bureaucracy.

The government has to set its house in order and not indulge in cheap politics; especially when the elections are just a few months away.