Christian Nuns on a ‘holier than thou’ visit to Srirangam Temple

Hindus in India off late have been accused of not letting minorities practice their religion. Where you would see crypto Christians with Hindu names falsely accuse the majority of being intolerant towards minorities. But seldom does anyone talk about the religious intolerance shown by the Christians themselves.

The Christians have played their cards subtly in a covert manner in Tamil Nadu. The media being controlled by the missionaries, the intolerance shown by the Christians specifically to the Hindu way/place of worship has always been pushed under the carpet and the crime has never seen light. Forceful conversions are the norm in the state, while the media bats a blind eye to it, but suddenly become aggressive when it comes to people returning to their original faith.The retaliation by the Hindus to protect the country’s culture against these radicals have been painted as communal.

The Christians trademark themselves as a peace loving, tolerant, secular individual. The Nuns have always been shown as selfless, compassionate, benevolent individuals in all forms of media. But the below radical, intolerant action of theirs shatters all that image building and exposes the intolerance towards Hinduism which they have been hiding under the surface.

Below are the images from Srirangam temple, built in the 9th century. As per the sources that have confirmed to SatyaVijayi, the Nuns entered the 1000 Kal Mandapam in Srirangam during the Viruppanthirunaal festival of Arangan on 8th May 2018 around 4.30 pm. It is a know fact that people of all religions have permission to enter till the 4th prahara of the temple, beyond which only practising Hindus are allowed.

These Nuns were seen praying with their rosaries out in their hands. Now, this may seem like ‘such a loving and thoughtful act’ from the Nuns who worship the Lord irrespective of any place of worship. But lets not be so naive and ponder over the following things:-

  • Nuns supposedly have a strict and devoted life towards their church and coming out to a temple with sole purpose of tourism seems completely out of place.
  • Why would a group of Nuns, more than 10 in number suddenly choose to visit the most traditional temple in Tamil Nadu? What work do they have in a Hindu temple?
  • If at all they were tourists, why were they having huddled discussions, phone calls instead of having cameras in their hands?
  • There was no camaraderie of being a tourist but a very official tone to their visit, lets wonder why?
  • Why do they have to pray to Lord Jesus in the abode of Vishnu since it defies the very basic ‘One God’ principle of Christianity?

The devotees there, quickly sensed the unnatural act of these Nuns and called on the local Hindu activists. Sensing the impending danger that would expose their intolerant face, the Nuns quickly dispersed from the 1000 Kaal Mandapam and went around the temple as if they were tourists.

Take the following case, Uchishta Ganapaty is a very powerful Tantric deity and Manimoortheeswara Ganapatytemple Tirunelveli is one of its kind in Bharat. The land right in front of the temple has been converted into a cemetery by the fundamental Christians. Uchishta Ganapaty is a century old temple in the state of Tamil Nadu with marvellous architecture. The Christians not being able to fathom the ancientness and the power of the deity have resorted to such religious intolerant practices.

When a Hindu retaliates to such immoral, intolerant behaviour shown by the ‘minority’ Christians, the media intervenes and calls him as intolerant and makes a circus of how minorities are persecuted in India. The global media follows suit and Hindus ignorant of the ground issues feel embarrassed about their religion. The secular, struggling Bollywood stars hold up placards preaching “tolerance” to the majorities.

Such covert and manipulative actions by the radical Christians will only incite more communal tensions in the society. They need to understand that the land of Bharata precedes the timeline of Jesus Christ, and Christianity is a foreign faith brought to the country by the invaders.

The Church in India needs to shun it’s ‘Holier than Thou’ attitude and shouldn’t equate Gods of every religion other religion with their Lord. What is surprising is that, no Evangelist has ever tried to convert a Muslim in India! Maybe they know that their retaliation would be too harsh to handle. And the media being loaded with oil money, they know that such retaliations wouldn’t be reported with the same valour with which a Hindu retaliation is reported.

Hindus by nature are secular, peace loving and tolerant. But such immoral behaviour shown by the radical Christians would fill any Hindu with disgust! It’s time the Tamil Nadu Government did enough to protect the temples and the Hindu culture. Tamil and Hinduism can never be separated! Every Tamil epic like Thirukural, Aathichudi, Thirupaavai etc are all gist of the Vedas in Sanatana Dharma! All Christians in India need to accept the fact that their ancestor once was a Hindu, and not associate himself with the narrative the foreign radical Christians sell to him!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SatyaVijayi