Christian outfit writes to U S President Trump stating they are subject to violence in India, seeks his intervention

A certain Rev. Dr. D. S. Magimaidoss who represents Christian Protection Federation with its registered office in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) has written to U S President Trump asking him to intervene to provide justice to Christians in India. SatyaVijayi has obtained a copy of the letter.

In an appallingly bad, terribly tasteless and chronically sub-standard communication: Rev. Magimaidoss asks Donald Trump to join them in a National Conference to condemn the violence unleashed on Christian community.

In a letter dated 14.02.2018 it says there is no ‘security’ to Christians in India and refers Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Rashtriya Hindu Parishad (RHP) as terrorist groups ill-treating their community. The letter which has a ‘Political Interest’ rather than elucidating on real-truth has been poorly drafted with no facts and figures and smacked with rhetoric, inneundos and falsifying facts.

In a country home to different religions and faiths such ‘Vested Interests’ are trying to create tension and cause communal hatred by writing to the U.S. President.

Religious preachers such as Magimaidoss are a kind of vermin that infest our society, a bunch of sadists deriving perverse pleasure from tearing down reputations, spewing venom and in general engaging in a sinister activity that does good to anyone. Such scurrilous and slanderous campaigns have political inclinations, pressure and to eke out money from their ‘leftist’ Anti-Hindu masters. The fact that these organisations undertaking anti-national activities through Missionaries is a ‘Best Known Fact; Worst kept secret.

It is not these Christian Organisations that comes to the rescue of people during natural calamities or when the nation is in distress due to other reasons, including their charitable work. The recent organ racket scam which broke out in Tamil Nadu by the Christian Missionary St Joseph Hopice, stands testimony to the same. For that matter, in Karnataka/Kerala, several RSS volunteers despite caring for the country have been brutally murdered.

With UPA breathing its last in the last elections; the left no where being ‘right’ in the country, the days are gone when such organisations were used by UPA and Leftists as Ostentatious centres for overawing power and influence.

The RSS is no way a ‘terrorist outfit’ and a volunteer organisation which has groomed political legends such as Atal Behari Vajapeyi, Venkaih Naidu, Manohar Lal Khattar and our hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi-ji. The kind of upbringing, instilling Nationalistic values,Pro-Hindutva views that RSS advocates and teaches its volunteers through ‘Shakhas’ is exceptional.

The Christian organisations under the pretext of religious freedom have become ‘entertainment centres’ with lots of material available in social media, where their pastors have been exposed brutally. Under the name of Jesus Christ they convince gullible, illiterate and blind followers (and some of them paid too and part of their coterie) to have cure for cancer through their ‘miracle’ healing touches.

Rev. Magimaidoss is one such victim who has become a victim of delusions and grandeur. With funding for such unscrupulous agencies coming to an end after NDA came into existence, these fringe groups are ‘cash starved’ and write such letters which sans any factual details and looks like a confused student writing a complaint letter under coercion of his teachers.

Rev. Magimaidoss should clean his own ‘Augean Stables’ and stop being the ‘Doubting Thomas’ and stop making baseless accusations. Such ungainly spat of the lowest order only shows that there is political interest behind writing such letters.

His letter is nothing but a litany of his falsehoods, outrageous accusations and egregious attack on the Government indirectly. We sincerely hope that Jesus Christ should spare a thought on Rev. Dr. D. S. Magimaidoss from whom fate has dished out a raw deal through the string of defeats of his leftists ‘Fathers’ in India.

Amen ! Our thoughts remain with Rev.Dr.D.S.Magimaidoss

Please get well soon !