Christian terrorism masquerades as Islamic terrorism

This article was originally published in The Rational Hindu.

This article does not deny that there are many serious and significant inherent philosophical problems within Islam that lead to various violent propensities, including terrorism. Violence, in fact, has a psychologically proven link with all dogmatic philosophies that are evangelical and indulge in proselytisation, namely Christianity, Islam and communism.

However, the larger picture and context in which Islamic terrorism thrives is deliberately underplayed by the West, the Christendom.

The current and apparent secular fabric of the historic Christendom nations is nothing more than a façade. Even within their secularism, it is a fake and dogmatic secularism that mimics everything in Christianity except its God: “you are either with us or against us.” It is as dogmatic as its past, as the godless communism was and is.

Territorial conflicts have existed between the Islamic world and the Christian world for a long time even before the first crusade. But the provocation by alien (foreign) European races claiming Jerusalem for themselves against the native races inhabiting their own land, just because they are believers (belief is mutable, but race is not) in Christianity and somehow that gives a right over other people’s land based on their mythology (beliefs) is a defining element of modern day Islamic terrorism. Obviously, thus Christian terrorism (Christian Jihad) preceded and provoked Islamic Jihad and its modern-day avatar, Islamic terrorism in its various guises.

Thus without a doubt Christianity is the mother of Islamic terrorism; it is only rational and logical to conclude so based on historical empirical evidence.

The unfortunate state of affairs, presently, is that this continues to this day: an undeniable and the most prominent example being the invasion of Iraq based on completely falsified claims of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). That too, against a regime (Saddam Hussein) which was seeded, nurtured and grown by the Christendom itself.

Similarly nurtured were or are Taliban, the Saudi regime, ISIS (as a force against the West’s nemesis, the Syrian President) and more. The Saudi regime is a known exporter and promoter of worldwide Wahabism, the most regressive version of Islam inspiring almost all Islamic terrorists.

Yet, the entire Christendom attends to the Saudi Royal family and other tyrannical regimes and pampers them. Perhaps they are serving them very well. The Islamic terrorists are in effect the foot soldiers of Christendom, that is they are in actuality Christian terrorists and it is thus Christian terrorism without a doubt.

The best lie they say is the one that hides in plain sight. Christian terrorism is one such. The white elephant in the room that nobody notices, or are simply frightened to point out.

No religious institution in the world has a sovereign status but Vatican does. Why? Where do the Islamic terrorists get their finance, and above all, arms and modern weaponry from?

From the bloody conquest of Europe by Christians, their implementation of blasphemy laws in Europe (making it completely Christian – their thinking still is largely Christian in framework though a large proportion of them are agnostic or atheistic), the incitement of Islamic Jihad through crusades, the brutal and barbaric genocidal conquests of the entire Americas, Australia and many parts of Africa, to colonial ruination through divide and rule of Asia (particularly South Asia), Africa; and the current manifestations of Islamic terrorism: all emanate from one and only one source, Christendom.

And this should answer why Vatican is the only religious institution with a sovereign status in the entire world. What is hidden there is beyond scrutiny… what manifests from there is Christian terrorism labelled as Islamic terrorism and in many parts of the world also labelled as communist insurgencies and rebellions.

Eliminate the source to cure the disease. Should we abolish the churches, particularly the Vatican sovereignty? Cure humanity’s suffering from the disease of religious terrorism.

This article was originally published in The Rational Hindu.