Church, Caste and Communists, the three C’s behind Tuticorin protests

On Monday, Tamil Nadu Government decided to shutdown the Vedanta Limited owned Sterlite copper plant at Tuticorin permanently after widespread protests, which claimed 13 lives. As a result of this shutdown more than 50,000 people will now directly or indirectly lose their jobs with immediate effect, reported TNIE.

The shutdown will also have an averse impact on India’s copper sector, as the Tuticorin plant alone used to contribute 40% of the total production in the country. This will also have a direct impact on several small and medium units in electrical sector like cable manufacturers, winding wire units and transformer manufacturers who source from the Tuticorin unit of Sterlite Copper.

Today it would not be wrong to say that foreign powers have succeeded in hindering India’s growth as a self-sufficient country in terms of copper. Currently India produces 60-65% copper and the rest is imported from countries like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and USA. As per a planned expansion the sterlite copper plant was set to double their production from 4 Lakh Tonnes Per Annum to 8 Lakh Tonnes Per Annum. This would have made India self-sufficient on copper, and that is exactly what the foreign powers wanted to stop.

Through our stories in past few months, at SatyaVijayi, several opinions had repeatedly warned about foreign powers who wanted to shutdown the factory. We had warned about how three C’s, Church, Caste and Communist came together under the instructions of foreign masters to stop India’s growth by hook or crook. But the system didn’t bother to listen to these opinions.

The Church:- 

In a story, 12 days prior to the firings on 22nd May, an opinion on SatyaVijayi had explored the role of the Church behind protests. Tuticorin has a large share of Christian population, nearly 30%, upon whom the Church has a significant amount of influence. As a matter of fact, Evangelist Bro Mohan C Lazarus was publicly making baseless allegations against the copper plant without producing any evidence. He had also called for prayers for the shutdown of the plant.

This is not the first time that the Church had backed protests against a plant in India, that too probably on the instructions of foreign powers. Nuclear power plant in Kundakulam, Tirunelveli district also had to be shutdown because of protests, which the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had openly called to be backed by USA Non-Government bodies. Those protests against the power plant were in a sense spearheaded by Bishop of Tuticorin RC Diocese Rt. Rev. Yvon Ambroise.

The Caste:-

Months before the firings, police sources and media reports were already suggesting ‘foreign hands’ in the protests. “One Samarendra Das representing ‘Foil Vedanta Group’ of London had allegedly visited Thoothukudi recently for a ‘secret meeting’ with the anti-Sterlite leaders, where he reportedly promised help to keep alive the fire against the copper smelting plant,” suggested a Deccan Chronicle report on March 20th 2018.

Several factors were being used to make the protests successful and one of those was the caste angle. SatyaVijayi’s story on 31st March showed how self-styled environment activist Nityananda Jayaraman was trying to give a casteist colour to the protests by sharing images of alleged victims with pictures of Dr. Ambedkar.

And Finally The Communist:-

Another group of people who were covertly and overtly involved with these protests was that of the anti social elements whom we in regular language refer to as the Naxals. The
above-mentioned story on SatyaVijayi had spoken about the involvement of various left leaning organizations in the protests, but it perhaps went unnoticed by those who should have taken note of it.

“Could there be a foreign communist hand in stopping our country from developing? Could these protests be just smokescreen that blinds us from their agendas?” reads a section of the SatyaVijayi story on 31st March 2018.

These anti social elements since hijacking the protests were trying to cause a major chaos, and finally they tasted success on 22nd May 2018. While actions of the police in regards to the incident can’t be supported, there were enough provocations from the other side as well. The role of anti social elements hijacking the protests and then giving it a violent turn was vividly described in our story that published on 25th May 2018.

The copper plant at Tuticorin, apart from being the biggest contributor of copper in India, was also providing jobs to people of Tamil Nadu which was giving huge boost to the state’s economy. The foreign powers, using their pawns in India succeed in their attempts at the cost of 13 Indian lives. And the most unfortunate part is that, despite repeated warnings the system kept sleeping.

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