Clashes between Dalits and Muslims in Tamil Nadu over route for Funeral Procession

A Dalit woman’s death procession turned violent injuring more than 30 persons at a village in Theni district, Tamil Nadu, reported The Hindu.

Trouble erupted when the funeral procession an aged Dalit woman Vanniammal, who had died on 24 April, was passing through a street inhabited by Muslims at Bomminaickanpatti village near Periyakulam. Muslims living in the village objected to the body of the woman being taken through their street, leading to a clash.

The police pacified both sides and the Dalits managed to complete the funeral that day. Later, the village witnessed minor skirmishes between the two groups.

Later in the week when a Muslim man, on his way to a coconut farm, was stopped by the Dalits from going through their area. This led to heated arguments between members from both the communities, followed by clash which involved the use of sticks and stones.

Meanwhile, an unruly mob entered the Muslim Street and threw stones on the houses and shops. Two shops, including a photo studio were destroyed, police said. A gang also barged into the houses of Muslims and damaged furniture, electronic gadgets and other items. Window panes of several houses were also damaged in stone pelting, police added.