Class nine student trashed in West Bengal School by seniors for protesting “Allah hu Akbar” slogans during National anthem

According to reports in local news media, a class nine student in a West Bengal school was brutally assaulted by seniors after he protesting against slogans of “Allah hu Akbar” during National anthem singing. The victim, Arup Halder sustained several critical injuries and had to be rushed to a hospital.

As per the reports, the incident took place in Taldi Mohanchand High School in Canning in 24 Paragana district. On Thursday, as per regular custom the Nation anthen was being sung during which some students from the Muslim community started shouting slogans of “Allah hu Akbar.”

While most remained silent to this, Arup Halder couldn’t refrain himself from intervening. Arup protested against the shouting of religious slogans during National anthem. This infuriated the senior students who were shouting the slogans and they trashed him badly.

Patents of Arup have alleged that the school administration has not taken any action steps against the students who assaulted him. Rafiqul Gazi and Ashaful Gazi are the main accused in the case, who were joined by two other class 12 students in beating Arup.