Co-Chairperson of The Hindu Group trolled for Her senseless Tweet praising Sonia Gandhi

Journalist spending time with politicans is not a surprising story these days, several journalists have turned politicians in past as well. The connection between politicans and Journalist is quite visible. The Indian Media is often alleged to be biased and Few News Channel have special inclination towards a specific political parties. Manufactured News during elections to glorify a failed politician and claim “him” as a winner even after losing election clearly shows the extent to which the paid journalist go to be loyal to their “Bosses”.

Social Media has become a way by people have expressed their distress towards actions by Journalist. In one such event, The Co-Chairperson of The Hindu Group, Malini Parthasarathy was trolled for what was observed as “Loyalist Tweet”.

The tweet did not go well with the Tweeteriets and resulted in heavy trolling within few minutes.

Finally the one which must have really hurted Malini.

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