Why does Colors channel want their contestants to convert to Islam?

“Enga Veetu Mappillai” roughly translating into “The Groom of our House”, is a reality television program which is being aired on Colors Tamil channel. Jamshad Cethirakath, known by his stage name Arya, is an Indian film actor and producer, who mainly appears in Tamil films besides appearing in several Malayalam productions. Arya is the prized groom of this season.

This show which is taken part by over ten girls who want to wed Arya, contestants are being called in to bring in gifts, to pen love letters and are also requested to cook to impress the groom. Arya will have a short date with winners at the end of each contest.

This show is being hosted by actress Varalakshmi Sharath Kumar, daughter of Actor turned politician Sharath Kumar, who helps Arya aka Jamshad to find the right bride. In each of the episode, the host posts several questions to the contestants regarding the reasons as to why they are participating in this show. Interestingly in one particular episode which aired on 28th February 2018, Varalakshmi had asked all the young women whether they will convert to Islam after the wedding, if Arya had compelled to do so.

Few girls asserted that they do not wish to change their religion, but few girls clearly stated that they are willing to change their religion in order to get married to the actor.

For illustration, let us assume there would have been a Hindu Groom and the contestants were from a different religion say Christianity or Islam, would the host had asked for a similar question?

Even if there had been such a situation, the Media which is driven by Dravidian forces would have questioned the intent of this show with strong apprehension. They would have probably painted saffron all over this show. Considering the powerful Non-Hindu lobbies in south India, several Islamic organizations would have announced a fatwa with strong opposition.

If the above-mentioned scenario could not have happened, what was the need to post such a question in the first place? Is there an agenda to stereotype a fact that non-muslim girls must convert to Islam in order to get married to someone of Islamic faith? Such has been the agenda by a certain section of the Film Industry all over India, and now this agenda is slowly creeping into the average Indian’s household.