Commercial featuring parody of famous Bengali patriotic song stirs controversy

A recent television commercial of a housing complex has stirred controversy across West Bengal. The reason being a parody version of the famous patriotic song ‘Dhana Dhanye Pushpe Bhara,’ that has been featured in the advertisement.

Original lyrics of the patriotic song which are in glorification of motherland have been replaced with eulogies of the housing complex, in the commercial’s parody version. Authored by famous writer, Dwijendralal Ray, ‘Dhana Dhanye Pushpe Bhara’, is one of the most popular patriotic songs in Bengali language.

Since the melody is also recited as prayer in many Bengali medium schools across the state, people in Bengal have special sentiments and fond memories attached with it. Naturally, this tampered version of the evergreen song dedicated to motherland, did not go down well with them.

People on Twitter hit out at the advertisers for demeaning the patriotic song by composing a parody version of it. Many also challenged the silence of the Kolkata’s intellectual circles.

West Bengal’s ex-BJP ledader and Right-wing activist Krishanu Mitra went on to the extent of suggesting that those who would buy flats in the advertised complex after watching the commercial, should be fined with Rs 3 lakhs for causing cultural pollution.

(the parody version featured in the commercial)

However, sources suggest that as the controversy over the commercial seems to be escalating, it has been taken-off from television channels. Various people and organizations have come forward to demand apologies from the advertisers, those involved with the commercial and the channels which aired it.

Below is the original version of the song:-