Communists don’t respect India’s culture, history and spirituality: Prime Minister Modi

Launching a scathing attack on the CPI-M led LDF government in Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that it is a well known fact that communists do not respect India’s culture, history and spirituality. The PM equally hit out at the prime opposition UDF in Kerala, whom he termed as just another side of the sand coin as LDF.

The state is witnesing a turmoil over the issue of women entry in Sabarimala shrine, since past several months now. The BJP and right wing orgnizations have accused the incumbent government of being against traditions, and are looking to take advantage of the issue to make a niche for themselves in the coastal state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the left government in Kerala on the Sabarimala issue, saying Communists do not respect India’s culture and spirituality. Hitting out at the CPI-M-led LDF and the opposition spearheaded by the UDF in the state, he said both the fronts were two sides of the same coin and accused them of neglecting people of the state.

A September verdict from the Supreme Court, abolished the ban on the entry of women of reproductive age inside the Sabarimala shrine. However, devotees and priests of the temple denied to obey the order, citing traditional values and religious sentiments. After this, the shrine witnessed several attempts by women supported by the state government and administration, to enter the temple. However, each attempt was foiled by the united resistance from traditionalists, which also included a large number of women devotees.

The devotees successfully protected the temple from desecration till two women, intruded inside the shrine with the help of police at midnight, couple of days ago. A few days after this, a female Congress activist also claimed of entering the Sabarimala temple in disguise of an old lady. Both the incidents have resulted in much dissatisfaction of the traditionalists.

The CPI-M led government has openly sided with those against the traditions, while the BJP and its sister orgnizations have sided with the traditionalists. Congress party meanwhile, appears divided on the issue.