India snubs Turkish President Erdogan’s pro-Pak rant on Kashmir at UN

India at the United Nations on Tuesday slammed the pro Pakistan rant on Kashmir by Turkish President Erdogan. India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti In his statement reffered to the remarks as “completely unacceptable.”

“We have seen remarks by President of Turkey on Indian UT (Union Territory) of Jammu & Kashmir. They constitute gross interference in India’s internal affairs and are completely unacceptable. Turkey should learn to respect the sovereignty of other nations and reflect on its own policies more deeply,” the Indian representative said.

Erdogan, in his pre-recorded video statement to the General Debate at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, made a reference to Jammu and Kashmir and blamed India for abolition of article 370. He said “Kashmir issue which is also key to the stability and peace of South Asia, is still a burning issue. Steps taken following the abolition of the special status of Jammu-Kashmir further complicated the problem,” he said.

“We are in favour of solving this issue through dialogue within the framework of the United Nations resolutions, especially in line with the expectations of the people of Kashmir,” Erdogan added.

It is well known that Turkey is a close ally of the terror haven Pakistan. Erdogan himself is believed to be an hardliner, who is increasingly trying to take the progressive Turkey back to its Ottoman Islamic roots.

India has on every occasion rejected any third-party intervention in the Kashmir issue and has maintained that all outstanding matters in Indo-Pak ties should be resolved bilaterally.