Compulsory Military service for aspiring Political Leaders

“Compulsory military service for those seeking Government jobs, recommends Parliamentary Standing Committee.” The heartening news came when the common citizen of India had helplessly cried tears of blood to hear, भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी (Fight will go on till India is ruined), nowhere but in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on 9th Feb 2016, right under nose of the Indian Government, which sits in the National capital. Such rot present in the JNU is just tip of iceberg. There are many universities which are plagued with similar diseases.

National pride of the Indian was disgracefully trampled when pseudo secular leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Sitaram Yechury visited JNU to express their solidarity with the Anti Indian students calling it “Freedom Of Expression.”

The cancerous minded students of JNU are shouting to destroy India, while our saviors, our Army Men are taking bullets at their chests to protect our borders. What is the use of such a premier institute spread over 1000-acre campus located amid hills, forests, bushes, rugged yet lush green terrain, beautiful buildings, great faculty, which does not teach its students to love their motherland, to be loyal to their country and feel pain of martyrdom of our Army Men?

Compulsory military service for those who want cushy Government jobs, would make ‘such ungrateful civilians’ realize, safety during day and peaceful sleep at night come at cost of supreme sacrifices of our armed forces. When our armed forces miss to take the bullet at their chests, the bullet hit civilians. What can be more disturbing than the fact that our education system has failed to inculcate the core values of patriotism in our students?

Compulsory military service would also prove to be a reality check for Government employees who crib and complain about their jobs at the drop of a hat. The middle class population too would sense it is not Bollywood actors or cricketers, but it is our Security forces who should be adorned as our ‘Real Heroes’.

Dear Parliamentary Standing Committee, add one more point to your list of recommendations, ‘compulsory military service’ should be made mandatory for those who want to become Political leaders. ‘Compulsory military service’ would be learning lesson for such selfish and ungrateful leaders who suggest “भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगें” is freedom of expression.