The Congress doesn’t have a leader of Narendra Modi’s stature, says Prithviraj Chavan

In an interview with website named Scroll during his visit to Delhi in July, Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and senior Congress Leader Prithviraj Chavan practically admitted that party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is no match for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he does not have the same stature or the oratorical skills as the Bharatiya Janata Party leader.

Chavan also agreed that the Congress party organisation has weakened over the years and that leaders had lost touch with the people as they were hankering for posts and positions. He said it was imperative that all Opposition parties come together to challenge the Modi government.

The Congress today is a shadow of its old self. You don’t have a strong leader at the helm…a face. You were in power at the Centre for 10 consecutive years but you neglected strengthening the party organisation. Now, you have been in the Opposition for three years but have still not been able to get your act together.

Source: Scroll