Congress “Kidnaps” JD(S) Corporators for horse trading

Satyameva Jayate, Bengaluru bureau: A few days ago, the results of the Bengaluru Municipal (BBMP) elections was announced. BJP won 100 seats. Congress won 76, and JD(S) won 14 seats, while Independents won 8 seats.


Over the past two days, the Congress has taken all JD(S) Corporators to a resort in Kochi. Tonight they have been shifted to J.W. Marriot near Kochi.

Some media houses have reported that Congress has offered Rs. 10 crore per corporator. We could not ascertain the authenticity of this information though.

Kumaraswamy now announced that JD(S) will support Congress in BBMP. Put together they have 90 seats in BBMP, and with the help of MLAs and a few MLCs, Congress and JD(S) could come into power.

This raises an extremely important question, is it fair for a party, whom the public have voted against rule the BBMP. It is indeed sad that although BJP has won in 100 constituencies, the Congress and JD(S) choose to go against the people’s mandate to snatch power in BBMP.