Congress leader’s son enacted shoot out drama to gain sympathy

Hyderabad: Former Congress minister M Mukesh Goud’s son Vikram Goud’s attack gets an interesting twist. Apparently, he had staged his attack to gain popularity and political growth. He had hired professional shooters and bought a weapon from Indore.

The episode shocked even the investigators, who were investigating the case. They have lodged complaints under various sections of the Arms Act. M Vikram Goud is likely to be arrested upon his recovery from the bullet injuries.


Vikram was fired at three rounds in the wee hours of Friday (July 28). His wife Shipali rushed him to the Apollo Hospital and lodged a complaint with the Banjara Hills Police. In her complaint, she stated that miscreants had come in a car and fired at her husband who was waiting for her family for visiting a temple. Shipali said that she and her children were getting ready while Vikram was waiting outside.

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However, when the police recorded Vikram’s statement at hospital, he said unidentified persons wearing helmets had fired at him and fled the scene. The investigators grew suspicious as Vikram mentioned that the attackers rode a scooter and his wife said they came in a car.

The probe was originally centered on this information. Police took into custody two suspects from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

Investigation revealed that Vikram, who has been making films, was looking for a career in politics like his father. He had plotted the attack six months ago and had hired two people namely Nandu and Ahmed Khan to execute the plan. As per the plan, they were to fire three rounds at him only to inure but not to kill him.

The investigators found that Vikram had removed the CCTV cameras from his house more than a month ago to ensure that the attackers would remain unidentified. The planning was so detailed that the attackers were asked to disperse the weapon and their clothes in a canal after executing the plan to conceal all evidences. Khan and Nandu followed the plan perfectly but the difference in the versions of Vikram and his wife changed the game.

The police officials will most likely produce the accused before media on Wednesday.

source: Bombay Mirror